We’ve Had Enough Of This Sh*t

Honestly? I think the sentence, “I’ve had enough of this shit” is the last thing every woman on earth has ever said, right before she finally liberated herself from stupidity, violence, and oppression. You KNOW it was the last thing Rosa Parks said, right before she sat down on that bus and refused to move. And this is true on the personal level just as much as on the global level. “I’ve had enough of this shit” is the last thing every abused woman has ever said, right before she finally walked away from her abuser. Until we women say in holy unison, “WE’VE ALL HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT”, nothing will ever change. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

When we’ve reached the point where we’ve had enough of anything (enough sexism, enough racism, enough deforestation, enough hate, enough landfill waste, or enough toxins on our plates) we can collectively choose to get off the bus and change direction.

I live and work by the African proverb: “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.” No matter what we do, we are having an effect on something or someone – and it’s up to us to choose if it will be a positive or a negative one. We can start by standing up for what we believe in – we can gather, we can lead, and others will follow and join. We can pay more attention to positive action and messages around us, and contribute to them. All around the world on January 22, 2017, we marched together, and that global event simply started with one person, and a facebook post – proof that a good message can travel quickly and lead us to take action together. Regardless of WHY we were present physically, we reinforced what we already knew to be true: we’re better together. Together, we make an impact. We made an impact.

Every day we wake up feeling sad and/or scared, an unfortunate reality these days, let’s choose to be hopeaholics, and let’s recognize that this is our opportunity to change – to make change. It’s a wake up call.  Start by just doing whatever makes sense to you, little things matter – sign petitions, be kind, stand up for each other, speak out on someone’s behalf, remove negative people from your life, practice empathy, support the good, eat more real food, plant wildflowers, get outside….and, certainly, take care of yourself.

We are only left with real two choices: to feel hopeless and ignore our duty to take action  OR to take action for ourselves, our family, our community, and our world at large. I think we’ve had enough of this shit.