Not all Farmers’ Markets are Created Equal

farmers market

Shopping at the farmers’ market is better for the environment, better for our local economy, and better for your wallet. It’s also fun, healthy, and the food tastes better. Once you eat fresh, recently harvested produce, you’ll realize the stuff from the supermarket (organic or not) is just not the same thing. Being connected to your food will change your entire life. But, as with anywhere you shop, buyers beware. Take the opportunity to buy the freshest, most local organic goods, and make sure you know what you are buying, who your money is going to, and what you are supporting.

Not all Farmers’ Markets are created equal.

Just because it’s at the farmers’ market doesn’t mean the food is automatically healthy. Some markets have vendors selling donuts made from white flour and fried in conventional oil. No, I have no idea how they were allowed in. Many of the farmers who participate spray their crops with conventional herbicides and fungicides, or even use GMO crops. Other stalls sell produce not even grown on their own farms!

Choose Farmers’ Markets with high standards and transparent signage, and support the farmers and vendors who truly do good.

Look for local farmers and vendors who are selling organic food, and who use kind practices (towards animals, people, and the planet). Get to know your farmers. Here are a few helpful places to start:

Who’s your farmer?



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