Get Well, Stay Well

I don’t want to (nor am I qualified to) give medical advice, although I’m asked constantly what I do for myself and my kids. So, what’s a flu-fearing, germ-wary, busy person supposed to do during cold and flu season?

As always, eat well and eat real, exercise and take good care, plus of course, consider all compiled below. These are all things that I incorporate into my life, so know they are tried, tested and true. And remember, if you are hit with the flu, this too shall pass.

Wash Your Hands Properly. Washing your hands before eating, before AND after going to the bathroom, coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose will decrease your likelihood of catching or spreading a virus. The 3 crucial components to a good hand washing: warm water, soap, and friction (nothing beats this!). Wet your hands with warm water, lather well by rubbing hands together (be sure you don’t miss in between your fingers) while you sing the ABCs (in your head if you are tone deaf). Rinse thoroughly, dry well, and repeat often.

Be Anti-Antibacterial. Many sicknesses are viral, not bacterial, so plain old soap and water will get you just as clean as any anti-bacterial product claims to do. Our culture is germ-obsessed and our obsession has encouraged the flood of products on store shelves to make claims that may not be true. Watch out for chemicals in hand sanitizers, soaps, medicine, toothpaste, cosmetics, deodorant, and other personal care items. Better options found here.

Duck and Take Cover. Stay home when you are sick. It’s the right thing to do for you and also for your friends, family and colleagues, because when your immunity is low, you can pick up other germs more easily… and it’s simply not the time to share. Steep some tea, pour a bowl of soup, curl up on your couch and allow your body to rest and heal. Don’t let stress undermine a quick recovery and try to enjoy your forced time out (we know it’s not that easy!).

Warm Up. If you believe in keeping a well stocked medicine cabinet, then a well stocked selection of organic tea should be included. Tea is filled with powerful antioxidant properties that actually help in healing many ailments and keeps you healthy and feeling good day-to-day. Drinking hot tea specifically, raises your body temperature and helps you sweat out the toxins that probably got you sick in the first place. Do some natural healing from the inside out and drink yourself to health.

Cool Down. Remember, your best defense against the flu is doing everything you can to beat it in the first place, so make sure you pack in your daily dose of nutrients any way you can. Drink lots and lots of clean water and bring it with you everywhere (but remember, no sharing!). If you are constantly revitalizing and replenishing, you’ll kick what you have quicker, and kick start your health.

You Are What You Eat. Your kitchen is your kickoff to good health. Food can be a healing agent and strengthen your immunity. Food in this case, does not refer to food products in boxes, but real, fresh food. Food that grew somewhere (hopefully close by) and not manufactured in a large factory. These foods are loaded with goodness – not just nutrients, but flavour too (if your taste buds are working for you) and it’s what nature intended for you to eat, which will in turn help you prevent and treat sickness. Put that on the conveyor belt, or in your reusable market basket!

Let The Bees Help You. The main thing to remember when it comes to honey is that not all honey is created equal. The antibacterial activity in some honeys is 100 times more powerful than in others! Honey was in fact a conventional therapy in fighting infection up until the early 20th century, at which time its use slowly vanished as penicillin took center stage. Using raw honey instead of topical antibiotics and cough medicines, for example, is a simple way to decrease your over-dependence on drugs.

The Road to Recovery. After laying in your sheets and sweating in your clothes, comes the time when you finally can get up and get back to your routine – feeling better feels great, but it doesn’t always mean you are fully recovered back to your blissful-self . Make sure that as you re-enter the real world you are fully prepared. Here are some of our favourite products to help us get well and stay well!

Take a shot at these easy and effective strategies to not just fight the flu, but to boost your immune system so you’re up for the daily battles of life. It’s not medical advice, just our common sense and experience!