Fulfilling Potential…. Together

Fulfilling Potential…. Together

When a client tells us that they find our work of value, or they thank us for helping them rise to their potential and feel fulfilled in their work, we are thrilled, but, the reason we truly value it, is because it drives all we do and how we feel. Helping others achieve success brings us fulfillment, joy, energy and success – so it’s a constant cycle of us fueling each other, and without our clients, we wouldn’t have the good fortune to do what we do every day. It is as much of a reminder and wake up call for all of us to ensure that we choose to work with people who lift us up, and strive to do better – together.

This quote from Simon Sinek truly speaks to us, and if you are about fulfilling your own potential, it will resonate with you too:

We do not become great leaders, we do not fulfill our potential when we work to see ourselves grow or rise. It is when we devote ourselves to seeing those around us rise that we actually grow. And when the people we care about also work to see us grow, then they too will grow.

The pursuit to fulfill “my” potential must be replaced with the pursuit to “our” potential. As a family. As a team. As an organisation. As a community. The only true way for any of us to grow, to truly fulfill our full potential, is when we work to help others do the same. 

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