This is an {un}blog, and not really a blog (because I never really do anything completely conventionally), but I certainly do have a lot to say and share (for those of you who know me, you did not need me to spell this out). I’m SO fortunate to be able to connect with people, products, and ideas that I find incredibly inspiring every day, and I hope to use this virtual space to give you an inside look into what’s going on in my (crazy) world…which, I share with you.

Along with my small but mighty team, we will be posting content under 3 main departments, and encourage you to share with us as well. If something excites or outrages you, if you have a product or service that we should know about, or should you have any comments, complaints, criticisms or compliments please be in touch.

Our Stories

IWM: Colin Malval

We spoke with Colin Malval, an osteopathic practitioner. Using osteopathic assessment and eastern diagnosis, he detects what part of your system needs more healthy attention, care and treatment, and releases unnecessary tension in his patients’ system. We found out when you should visit an osteopath, what you need before you receive good treatment, and why orthodontics make you forgetful.


Fashion Revolution Day : Who Made My Clothes?

When you shop, ask “who made my clothes?” (not which brand….but, who? literally!). Think about the thread from the garment, to the machinist who sewed it, all the way back to the farmer who grew the cotton. On April 24, 2013, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Social and environmental catastrophes in our fashion supply chains continue. (more…)

IWM: Caterina Marchese

We spoke with Caterina Marchese, registered holistic nutritionist and owner of March Essential Foods. According to Caterina, the most powerful, sustainable and bioavailable therapy is Evidence-Based Food Therapy, her main area of focus. We found out what her therapy is all about, what we should all be looking for on food labels, and why we should never ignore our gut.

Want to look inside my fridge?

Thanks to Aurea Dempsey and tuja wellness for opening up my fridge to all. Click here to see the feature and the inside of my fridge.

I never would have expected to hear from so many people. Highlight messages include:

IWM: Richa Gupta

We spoke with Richa Gupta, founder of GOOD FOOD FOR GOOD. She makes fresh, local, artisanal foods, and with very purchase, donates a meal to someone in need. We found out how to make a delicious butter-free butter chicken, why she refuses to use canned ingredients, and how tonight’s dinner can help keep a child in school.

Because Social Media doesn’t just work, it makes us hungry, too! Part 2

It’s all too often that I need to defend the value of social media…bottom line: it works. BUT, you do need to know HOW to work it, and use it well. I can only relate it to being trained in the art of making sales calls, or customer service, or even finding the right group of friends. It is certainly not a separate department at your company, and it’s certainly not something to farm out to an “expert” without involvement and understanding. (more…)

What is a Social Media “Expert” anyway? 

I’m not sure that in this day and age it makes sense to trust any label or title – not on products, and not on people either. A claim is very different from fact and function.

One of the biggest challenges – and defining moments – when I work with clients developing their business and brand is creating the title or tagline that captures and communicates the essence of the product or service being delivered (meanwhile, I just have a long list of titles that evolves because “business development” is too boring and broad for me, and “idea girl”, my original title from 1994, when I started my business, doesn’t accurately deliver that I also execute my ideas). It’s really much more about what you do, than what you claim to be, so I choose to put the emphasis in the activity of “being” once the “packaging” is complete. (more…)

Thirsty for Change

We fill our pots, bathtubs, sports bottles, and swimming pools with it. We wash the car, the pets, our bodies and the dishes with it. We use it in manufacturing, and rely on it for power. It’s essential for life, but it’s obvious from the way we treat our water that we don’t appreciate the vital importance of it. There’s no more time or water to waste. California only has about a year of water left, and let’s face it,  “this crisis belongs to all of us.”


Consumer Demand + Creating Change

It’s not like I want to give credit to huge retailers and big food for making change, and I’m certainly not advocating for anyone to start eating fast food, or shopping big box before local indie, but sometimes, a cluster of announcements, no matter how small on their own, give me some hope – hope for change, hope that our voices are being heard, and our spending trends and demands matter.

IWM: Eden Hertzog

We spoke with Eden Hertzog, the cookie mogul, boss lady, baker babe at New Moon Kitchen. She makes delicious, all natural, nut, peanut, egg, and dairy free, kosher, vegan and delicious cookies and granola. We found out why her baked goods stand out on a crowded store shelf, how social media has changed this bakery business,  and how many is too many healthy cookies.

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