This is an {un}blog, and not really a blog (because I never really do anything completely conventionally), but I certainly do have a lot to say and share (for those of you who know me, you did not need me to spell this out). I’m SO fortunate to be able to connect with people, products, and ideas that I find incredibly inspiring every day, and I hope to use this virtual space to give you an inside look into what’s going on in my (crazy) world…which, I share with you.

Along with my small but mighty team, we will be posting content under 3 main departments, and encourage you to share with us as well. If something excites or outrages you, if you have a product or service that we should know about, or should you have any comments, complaints, criticisms or compliments please be in touch.

Our Stories

If you need to label me

People constantly ask me if I’m vegan, sometimes they accuse me of being a “Difficult Eater” or “Alternative”, I think it’s best if we all just go by being ourselves – you can call me a Lisa-tarian.

Below are my own guiding principles by which I eat – I created them, and this is the first time I’ve even put them down into words. I would encourage you to question everything you purchase and eat, and get to know your food, and your food system, and create your own rules, on your own terms based on what feels right to you.

IWM : Norma Percy

We spoke with Norma Percy, co-owner of Iyashi Bedrock Spa. Rock bathing and yoga on Iyashi’s heated signature bedrock stones burns serious calories, and helps with anti-aging, and detoxification. We found out how to get the ultimate detox in Toronto, the best gift to give, and why it’s a great idea to do hot yoga in the summer.

Shirts to Slow Down Fashion

Faster isn’t always better, especially when we’re talking fashion. Designs from the catwalks are replicated at almost lightning speed for shopping malls across the nation, using cheap fabrics and labour to make them accessible to the general public. The amount of water, pesticides, and energy required to produce these fabrics is seriously disturbing! According to the Organic Trade Association, approximately 10% of all agricultural pesticides and 25% of insecticides in the U.S. are used to grow cotton, and it takes almost 1/3 of a pound of chemicals (synthetic fertilizers) to grow enough cotton for just one t-shirt.

IWM : Yasuko Brander

We spoke with Yasuko Brander, managing director of Derma Wise Skin Care Ltd. TheraWise is her line of bioactive, truly natural, therapeutic skin care ointments. We found out how she gets over a cold, the business goal she shares with us at Borden Communications, and the lie she feels guilty about telling her kids.

Don’t Play With Fire

Candles are often an overlooked cause of poor indoor air quality and can affect our health. Paraffin candles are unfortunately the predominant ones on our shelves. Why? (argh!) Paraffin is very inexpensive – it’s basically the final byproduct in the petroleum refining chain…petroleum sludge, if you will. When paraffin candles are burned, they spew toxins and soot that is harmful to our health (think second-hand tobacco smoke). Many of these conventional candles also have wicks with metal cores that contain lead. Why would you want that in your birthday cake as everyone important to you gathers around with healthy wishes for the guest of honour?

IWM : Mary Benedicto

We spoke with Mary Benedicto, founder and director of operations at Soko Distribution. Soko is a national distributor that is committed to design, the environment, and healthy living. We found out the three products every mom needs to know about, why smaller can be better, and how she’s putting her baby to work.

Greening Your Exercise Routine

Greening up isn’t a trend, like platform shoes and banged haircuts. You’re living green. You reuse, you recycle, you even reduce. You care. You exercise because it makes you feel good, or maybe it’s because it’s all part of your plan to stay healthy and feel good. You should pat yourself on the back. But, if you look closely, you’ll actually realize that there are many aspects of your routine that are insanely ironic and highly hypocritical (mine too, by the way).


IWM : Rachel Ostroy

We spoke with Rachel Ostroy, founder of neat-os. Her line of reusables are a great alternative to single use plastic baggies. We found out what time this momtrepreneur gets to bed, what she likes to draw on her baggies, and the one thing you definitely should NOT put in neat-os.

But Organic is so Expensive

That phrase (or any of the thousands of variations) causes me to have some kind of unprecedented, outrage.


IWM : Sara Marlowe

We spoke with Sara Marlowe, author, counselor, educator, and lover of the little things.  Her children’s book “No Ordinary Apple” is set for release June 2013, and will inspire kids to discover the power of mindfulness. We found out how she handles a picky eater, why we might recognize the famous birdies in her book, and why she’s chosen her wedding venue for her book launch.

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