IWM : Francis Lo

We spoke with Francis Lo, co-founder of Yoso. Yoso is a family business from Cambridge, Ontario who makes delicious dairy-free, gluten-free, yogurts and spreads. We found out the secret to why his coconut yogurt rocks, the worst part of his job, and the only time you should not enjoy Yoso.

Why Dairy-Free?

Being an Asian who grew up in Hong Kong, and then spent most of my teenage years in Canada, I’ve never been a big fan of dairy products, especially milk. So I have been drinking soymilk since I was very small. There are so many compelling reasons not to eat or drink dairy. (Just ask some of our other Mosquitos like Marni Wasserman, Meghan Telpner, or Josh Gitalis).

People are raving about your Creamy Cultured Coconut. Why is this product so loved by all?

First of all, we make the best tasting coconut yogurt, and the taste totally rules! (If we do say so ourselves!). We use pure coconut flesh instead of coconut milk, so it is a more wholesome source, with higher nutritional density, in terms of coconut fat.

What’s your favourite use for your new unsweetened coconut yogurt?

I like it with hemp seeds and granola, and we’ll soon be releasing some interesting new recipes that Doug McNish created using the product. (Update: Check out Doug’s recipes here!)

As an entrepreneur trying to spread the word about your naturally healthy and delicious foods, what do you enjoy least about your job?

I find it trying to deal with individuals who are neither passionate, nor genuinely concerned with what they eat.

People are weary about soy products because it’s one of the most genetically modified foods. How does this impact you and your business?

It does have an impact in terms of encouraging more people to eat soy. For the record, we use organic soybeans and they are non-GMO, and locally grown too. We actually process our organic soy slurry with unique filtration technology so that many anti-nutrients are removed as a result.  I am a big believer of moderation, and what is hurting us is not soy.

Are your products carried coast-to-coast?

Not yet (but boy is our small family business trying!). We have retailers from Manitoba to Newfoundland and hope to be able to reach all Canadians soon. We even get asked on twitter!

When’s the best time to enjoy some Yoso?

Anytime! Well, except after brushing your teeth before bedtime (just common sense!).

Who does the cooking in your home? What’s your family’s favourite meal?

My wife actually does most of the cooking. My favourite dish is a Szechuan recipe named Ma Po Tofu. It is translated as “pockmarked grandmother bean curd,” named for the old woman who supposedly invented the dish : )

What is your motto?

Believe in yourself that you make a difference!

For more information on Yoso, and their tasty goods visit Yoso.ca, and ask your local health food store to carry them. Follow their tweets at @EnjoyYoso, and give them like on Facebook too!