Local vs. Organic

It’s amazing to me that people argue organic vs. local when it comes to their food. Is organic only for those who don’t want toxins in their bodies, and local is reserved only for environmentalists who weigh their food miles? It’s actually best that we all strive to be eating local AND organic food, by choosing what’s in season. Our grandparents ate “organically” and locally, and they cleaned without chemicals too. Wow, that makes sense! I always got along famously with my grandparents,  so as they are amazed with the “progress” of our world, I am interested in some regression back to how they lived as kids. It’s great that we have a lot to share and learn from each other.

Now, let’s nip this argument in the locally grown, organically cultivated bud and move forward (or was that backwards?).

It’s fresher – shorter time from farm to table (especially if it’s from your own garden!)
It’s tastier – do your own taste test…as an aside, if your food needs to travel far, it’s bred to withstand a longer shelf life and is usually picked before it’s fully ripe
It’s healthier – retains more nutrients and has less preservatives and additives because long distance travel is not required
It’s environmentally sound – long distance travel requires more packaging, refrigeration,  fuel to get to table, and generates more waste and pollution (did you ever wonder how produce arrives from Mexico without bruises and without being rotten?)
It’s cheaper – less middlemen, less marketing and less transportation costs
It’s neighbourly – money stays in your community, creates jobs and supports local farmers

It’s tastier – again, I suggest doing your own taste test…but without all of the synthetics, it’s just pure unaltered delicious food
It’s healthier – higher levels of vitamins and minerals and less exposure to chemicals and synthetics
It’s environmentally sound – my farmer friends (meet one of them here!) have given me lots of reasons, but simply, crops grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and GMOs mean fewer of these items are being produced and fewer are being released into our soil and water

Keep in mind, your money is your voice.  With every dollar you spend, you are telling that farmer, or that restaurant, or that supermarket, or that company to make more of the same. YOUR wise choices are a benefit to us all!

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