If you need to label me

People constantly ask me if I’m vegan, sometimes they accuse me of being a “Difficult Eater” or “Alternative”, I think it’s best if we all just go by being ourselves – you can call me a Lisa-tarian.

Below are my own guiding principles by which I eat – I created them, and this is the first time I’ve even put them down into words. I would encourage you to question everything you purchase and eat, and get to know your food, and your food system, and create your own rules, on your own terms based on what feels right to you.

I go for quality. Why eat crap when you can eat good stuff? I buy, grow and enjoy eating the best, which means fresh and truly good for my health, which does NOT translate to luxury and expensive.

I support my community. I believe that supporting those closest to where I live is fundamental to bringing about a positive impact, near and far. It’s always great to know those who grow my food, and fuel my colleagues’ businesses.

I am after health. I want to be here as long as I can, and although it’s clear that we are all dealt a deck of cards, and our fate might be genetically determined, I do believe, we have complete control in how we play those cards. I’m trying to beat the game – and feel great while playing.

I eat for connection. I am committed to sharing family meals with my husband and 3 kids, and they are too. It’s my favourite time of the day, and a time where I cannot help but be anything but grateful. I also love sharing great food and drinks with friends and celebrating with others who value the same food, and food system.

I shop the market first. And I make it a family affair. There are so many reasons why it’s the best.

I shop local independent stores second. There are no bananas at the local market in Toronto, so I go to great local, indie stores for everything that is not fresh and seasonal, and for pantry items.

I buy with a fierce commitment to organics. For so many good reasons. I really do not understand why people eat pesticides by choice.

I avoid GMOs and those who promote and serve GMOs. There is no way that I knowingly want to put those ingredients into my body, my friends or family’s bodies, and I certainly do not want to support Monsanto.

I trace my food back to where it came from. This makes me feel good, and also makes me feel confident in all other principles I have listed as above.

I cook and eat what I want. I do not abide by anyone else’s rules or diets that would restrict me from being in charge of what’s on my plate. And, I do not miss anything because I “can’t” eat it. What I want, and what feels right, changes, as do my guiding principles on being a Lisa-tarian. And, I proudly intend to continue evolving them as I learn more.