How to create a great ABOUT ME page on your website

It’s one of the first pages we all click on when we visit a new website, yet it’s also the page many want to skip when creating their own online presence. If you’ve ever felt the struggle of writing about yourself, you’re not alone (but in our professional opinion, you need to learn how)! Here are some simple guidelines to help you endure, accomplish, and succeed in creating a great About Me page on your website.

Have one. Why do you have a website? Whether it’s because you want people to hire you, buy your products, believe, trust, or care about you or your business, it’s pretty important to let people know who you are, what you do, and why your readers should be interested.

We vs. Me. This deserves to be mentioned because we see these get mixed up all the time (notice the use of “we,” as we are a small, but mighty team). If there is more than one of you, then “we” is certainly the way to go when you are speaking on behalf of the team. If it’s just you, please, use “me,” and tell readers your name. It’s honest and transparent, which builds trust in your relationship with your reader (and that’s a very good thing!).

A picture is worth 1000 words.  You’re hoping to make a connection with someone through a screen, and one of the easiest ways to facilitate that is with a friendly (and we hope goes without saying, appropriate) photo of yourself. If you’re not ready to invest in professional head shots, ask a friend with a good eye and a good camera if they’ll help you out.

The interview. People get tripped up writing about themselves all the time (you’re not alone). Take a moment to think about your key messaging you want to get across, and what people would want to know about you. An easy and effective way to accomplish this is to interview yourself.

Call to action. Great, your About Me page is amazing, and your reader is hooked. Now what do you want them to do? Finish strong with a clear call to action. If you want them to connect with you socially, include your socials. If you want them to book an appointment, let them know how to do that. If you want them to browse your incredible products, link to your shop or product page. Whatever it is, keep it simple and straight forward, and always put yourself in the other person’s shoes, because what seems straight forward to you, since it’s familiar, is probably not to someone else.

If you ever need support creating or reviewing your content and outreach, we are here to help. Please share your About Me page with us, so we can learn more about what you are doing, and share with others – we love to support our community!


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