Organic Week Round Up

Although every week should be Organic Week, it’s an official celebration right now!

Organic food: it’s better for our planet, better for our health, and better for the farmers. Buying organic can seem like a big lifestyle change, but it doesn’t have to be. Something to also keep in mind: Organic is a guarantee of safety not quality, always take the time to know where your purchases are coming from too.

Here are a few of our best resources for understanding why and how to move towards taking your family organic.

  1. In Toronto, we are blessed to be surrounded by Farmers’ Markets. Here is a list of our favourites . (Bonus: Not everything at the Farmers’ Market is clean. We wrote an article on what you should be asking the farmers)
  2. It’s apple picking season! Here’s what to look out for when your family visits an orchard.
  3. Should you buy local or organic? Most grocery stores give you the choice of one or the other. Find out what Lisa thinks.
  4. Eating organic can raise some eyebrows — we don’t understand why since our grandparents ate that way! However, if you’re feeling peer pressure about your decision to eat cleaner, read this advice from Lisa on not apologising for eating what feels right.
  5.  Something to keep in mind: Organic means that your produce is likely “kinder”, but it does not mean “better” and does not guarantee quality. Not All Organic Food is Created Equal. 

Here’s to a healthy, happy organic season ahead – and to all of the ones that follow.