What’s the Point of Blogging?

If you’ve worked with us before, we’ve probably told you to start a blog.

We get it. Small and medium-sized businesses simply have a lot on their plates! With everything you need to get done, why would you even consider starting a blog?

Here are 9 good reasons why:

Blogs build community. Your company has a mission and a personality, which means there are like-minded people out there who will want to read what you have to say. Some of them are your customers, others are potential customers. Either way, there’s a conversation happening and you want to be part of it.

You know stuff. But nobody is going to know it unless you start talking! A blog is a perfect way for you to showcase your expertise, to connect with other professionals, and to refer your readers to helpful resources.

Blogs promote collaboration. There are a lot of bloggers just like you, with the same values and very different audiences. When you collaborate with these bloggers by cross-blogging, you’re both benefiting from the other blog’s readership. You can even collaborate with other experts, who will help bring credibility to what you publish.

You can show innovation: Blogs are a great way to share new ideas. Show people what’s innovative about the way your company thinks. What are you doing differently? Blogs are an inexpensive way to get those new ideas out there.

You can make money. Did you know you could monetize your blog? When you recommend products and services you would have recommended anyway, affiliate links can help you earn commission off of any resulting sales.

Blogs help educate. Your customers don’t always know why your products, services, or ingredients are better. By putting information online, you’re giving people the knowledge they need to make smarter purchases.

Your blog can get you attention. Use it to generate interest in your brand or your cause. Sometimes a fresh perspective is what it takes to make a topic interesting! You may even see increased web or foot traffic.

You’ll rank with Google. When you need to buy a new product or service, you probably do your research first. Your customers are no different. When people search for you or for keywords related to your business, a blog will help you show up in the top searches.

You can tell your story. There is only so much you can put on your “about us” page, but it’s vital to your brand to share your culture‎ and have people connect to all you are doing, all you believe and support, and to promote yourself and your community. Make sure your voice is heard.

Today’s reality is that your online presence is a foundation and hub for everything you do. That’s why having a blog is a practical strategy.

Start by creating a simple branded website. Set yourself up for success by creating a content calendar, determining who on your team will be responsible for the blog, and by creating content in advance.

We promise, you’ll be glad you did.



This post is a resource from The Borden Workbook, our comprehensive guide to help entrepreneurs organize and grow their small businesses. The Borden Workbook is used in conjunction with consultation with Borden Communications, or as an organized guide you can used on your own to launch, develop, and nurture your small business (starting now!). We take pride in creating a clear and humble approach to good business tactics that everyone can understand and execute.