Valentine’s Day Links of Love

It’s that time of year again, where for one “special” day we’re reminded to celebrate our love for one another. Although we believe we shouldn’t need a reminder (showing our love is important every day!), we’ll take any excuse to spend more time with our families and do something special together and celebrate as society promotes!

This Valentine’s Day, let’s take a few extra moments to consider the activities we do together, and the things we buy for one another, and how they’ll mean the world…to the world (and to us).

15 WAYS TO SPEND TIME NOT MONEY THIS VALENTINE’S DAY: Some inspiration to help you show your love with presence, not presents this year.

12 EASY WAYS TO PLEASE YOUR LOVER: As with any occasion, a little creativity can quickly take the place of purchased extravagance. It’s even acceptable to be a cheap date, if you pull out enough love, and put in enough thought. Here are a few ideas that allow you to honour and celebrate your sweetie without breaking the earth’s heart.

BEING SINGLE SUCKS: Like with any relationship, it takes time and effort to develop a good one. How do you “meet” the perfect one? Like with any hook up, ask your friends, colleagues and family to be “set up” or browse websites to connect with the right one(s).

OUR FAVOURITE CHOCOLATE BARS: Anyone who knows us, knows we love a great chocolate bar, but not all chocolate bars are created equal. Our favourites are not only incredibly delicious, they’re also guilt-free, whole foods made with some of the most nutritious and ethical ingredients on the planet (no bad stuff!). And it goes without saying that these treats are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.