Helping a Friend in Need: How to Nourish Someone in Sickness + Health

We can all use a little help every now and then, and the same goes for everyone else around us. If someone you know has recently had surgery, had a baby, or is suffering with an illness, one of the best ways to show your love and support is to nourish them well. Bringing a meal to a friend in need isn’t a new concept, but in this day in age when we are all connected online, it’s never been easier to plan, organize, and order healthy convenient foods for our loved ones.

Schedule a Meal Calendar:  Meal Train and Caring Organizer allow you to easily pull your caring community together and organize food details and drop offs.

Deliver Whole Foods: Balanced nutritious whole foods are vital for healing. Roots of Health lets you choose from a weekly menu of vegetarian and naturally raised meat mains; nutrient and fiber dense salads, sides and breakfast options developed and created by a nutritionist + a chef in Toronto.

Organize a Grocery Delivery Service: If your friend isn’t able to get to the market or grocery store, a delivery service is a simple way to make sure they are getting fresh, healthy ingredients to help them recover. We love Mama Earth, +  Fresh City Farms who deliver local, organic foods fresh from the farm + food artisans directly to your door.

Buy a CSA Membership: This is a gift that keeps on giving. Buying a Community Supported Agriculture Membership for a friend doesn’t only provide them with a regular supply of local produce, it supports your local growers too. Check out Shoresh’s and Everdale’s, and ask around your farmers’ markets. There are even CSAs for pickles and sprouts!