Not all Cold-Pressed Juice is Created Equal

We love GOOD cold-pressed juice. The amount of produce that goes into just one bottle is so much more than most of us could typically eat in a single sitting, and the nutrients and vitamins are absorbed quickly into the cells in our bodies.

Not all cold-pressed juice is created equal.

Juicing is trendy right now, which means juice bars are popping up everywhere – and not all of them have the same priority for health. Not all juice companies properly wash their produce, and many even use produce that has been sprayed with pesticides – yuck! Process matters too: some companies will treat their juice with high pressure processing (HPP), which neutralizes the benefits of all the goodness in your juice (the live enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, and nutrients). Last, pick your packaging wisely; some companies will try to sell you juice that has been stored for days in plastic bottles that are full of toxins.

Always choose no HPP, organic juice kept in glass bottles.

When your juice is full of organic produce, your body will be absorbing concentrated goodness, NOT pesticides and toxins. Many juice companies avoid HPP, so that their juices retain all the naturally occurring nutrients + more – and they will proudly tell you about it. Finally, buy juice in glass bottles. Glass bottles are not only toxin-free, but they are easy for juiceries to re-use when you bring them back (and many of these places will even give you a discount for bringing back your bottles). Less waste, and better for our bodies too!

Extra note: The “waste” we hear about in the media, trying to ruin the healthy aura of real juices is actually used by many good juiceries to make other fibre-packed products, look into it!

Here is a list of our favourite juiceries in Toronto.



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