How to Re-Purpose Your Favourite Quotes

Sometimes we come across a quote that we can’t help but share. Whether it makes us laugh, inspires us, or sheds some light on a situation we’re going through, the quotes that resonate jump out at us for a reason. There are many ways that you can re-purpose and share your favourite quotes (and there are many reasons why it makes good business sense, too)!

Build Culture.

A quote can be the inspiration and guiding light for an entire business culture (not to mention the culture between friends, a family, a non-profit organization, and beyond). At Borden Communications, the African Proverb we work and live by is: If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.

It’s part of our everyday conversations in the office, woven into what we put online and how we interact with clients. It’s in Lisa’s Twitter bio. It’s the reason a green mosquito welcomes visitors to our website (and the quote itself is displayed right under the slider on our homepage). We think it says a lot about who we are, and it reminds our small-but-mighty team that we can and do make a difference.

Display them proudly on your website.

The slider on our homepage features several quotes that resonate with us. Together, they tell a story about who we are, they add a nice visual element to our website, and they leave visitors to our website with something to think about. Find a location that makes sense for you – perhaps your website footer, or your About page. There are many places on your website where a meaningful quote can make an impact.

Use them in your ads.

Good quotes live on because they are true, wise, inspiring, and resonating. As a result, they can work great in your ads.

Share them socially.

We love sharing quotes on social media. Sometimes it’s as simple as sending out a quick Tweet:

And sometimes we take the time to turn it into branded content:

A photo posted by Lisa Borden (@lisaborden) on

Turning quotes into branded Instagram posts, like the one above, is a great way to create content for your Instagram feed, and it keeps your feed looking professional by providing a visual break between photos. Keep your graphics simple, clean (we love white backgrounds!), and consistent, and remember to include your logo. If you need help, just let us know! It’s one of the services we provide, and we are always happy to lend a hand.

Write a blog post.

One quote can mean many different things to different people. If a quote inspires you, share the quote with your unique perspective on your blog. Fresh blog content is important if you want to keep people coming back to your site (here are 7 other tips). New blog content also helps improve your SEO (how likely you are to appear in the search results when someone Googles something relevant). Here’s an example where we wrote a post inspired by a quote from Elizabeth Gilbert.




This post is a resource from The Borden Workbook, our comprehensive guide to help entrepreneurs organize and grow their small businesses. The Borden Workbook is used in conjunction with consultation with Borden Communications, or as an organized guide you can used on your own to launch, develop, and nurture your small business (starting now!). We take pride in creating a clear and humble approach to good business tactics that everyone can understand and execute.