How to Make a Decision

Before you jump and reach out to someone else for opinions and advice, this is a reminder that you have knowledge about your situation and business that others do not understand.

Making a strong decision in your best interest requires you to have confidence in yourself. Use these 7 steps from The Borden Workbook to help you make the best decision.

There are five frogs on a log. One decides to jump off. How many are left? Five – because deciding isn’t doing


This post is a resource from The Borden Workbook, our comprehensive guide to help entrepreneurs organize and grow their small businesses. The Borden Workbook is used in conjunction with consultation with Borden Communications, or as an organized guide you can used on your own to launch, develop, and nurture your small business (starting now!). We take pride in creating a clear and humble approach to good business tactics that everyone can understand and execute.