Not all Gluten-Free is Created Equal


When you think about it, every food product is free of something these days (or even many things!), whether it’s gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, sugar-free – you get the point? But it’s crucial to remember that a healthy product isn’t just determined by what is not in it- it’s so much more important to check out what IS in it!

Not all gluten-free foods are created equal.

Once you start reading ingredient labels (and get over the disgust of what’s in some of the things we just buy without knowing what’s in them), you realize how life changing it can be to take back the control and make informed food choices.

If you can’t pronounce it, and can’t trace where it came from, don’t eat it. – Common sense

Gluten-free foods can still be full of conventionally-grown GMO ingredients, refined sugars, factory-farmed milk, eggs, and meat, toxic preservatives and more.

Choose gluten-free foods that are made with organic, vegan, whole ingredients.

Can you pronounce and understand the ingredients in your gluten-free bread?

How much (and what kind of) sugar is used in your gluten-free cookies?

Read labels, get informed and support the companies that are making whole-ingredient gluten-free products that support your health and happiness.