On being Unfuckwithable

It’s not about saying “fuck it.”

It’s about becoming unfuckwithable. 

Unfuckwithable: (adj.) When you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you. source: urbandictionary.com

When you are unfuckwithable, no matter what happens (because something always happens), you will know how to navigate your way through, above and beyond it. You will stay grounded, or at least can land firmly on your feet. You will outsmart and avoid the bullshit in your day and in our world. How great is it that such a thing can be possible and within our control?

There is beauty in not giving a shit about meaningless shit – in a very positive way. It’s about practicing abundant gratitude for the right stuff, and not letting other’s negativity, or circumstances become your story.

The world is a crazy place, and us humans are complicated. Life might be a roller coaster, but we can definitely simplify things…quite a bit. We can live in the moment more and focus on what really does matter – and who matters. We are all our own people, trying to live our own best life in our own way, with our own priorities – what are yours?

Ponder it all. And, when your best laid plans mess up, when someone lets you down or tries to take you down, when things go off the rails, choose to see the stories you tell yourself that make you stressed or keep you down, then find the new stories that will serve you well and keep you above what is happening. Consider what you might be able to pull from your experience, what feelings can serve you, and what you can leave behind. Think about how you can do better for yourself, think about the lessons you can learn…think about how things will be ok, rather than how they are screwing you up. Be unfuckwithable.

If you are newly striving to be unfuckwithable, it might be challenging initially– just like anything new you take on, but you’ll feel empowered and have a new confidence in yourself as you embrace not apologizing for not going with someone else’s expectations – or society’s “flow”. Being you is simply the best way to be.

Unfuckwithable is:

making your own opportunities instead of waiting for someone to give you one

not involving yourself in other people’s drama – or creating drama yourself

getting real with yourself – really real

opening new doors and walking through them

what happens when you believe that you matter – and your work matters

an attitude

being more resilient and more confident

about knowing what you want and making it happen

about not apologizing for being unconventional or for things you’re not really sorry for

meeting your own high standards, not others expectations of you

So, when life starts fucking with you, choose to be unfuckwithable. Elevate yourself above the stuff that you feel is fucking with you. Choose to be where the meaning is, not the trivial stuff. Go to where the potential is, not the problems. Go to where there is hope, rather than to the energy vampires.

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