Healthy Back to School : How to have your best year yet!

back to school, lisa borden

Labour Day is not only the final weekend of summer holidays, but it also signals the beginning of something new for so many – it can be a new grade, a new work schedule, a new family routine, or even just a time to commit or recommit to healthier habits.

By being a little more deliberate (greener, better organized, healthier, and happier), you will be able to skip a lot of the running-around-stress that seems to be so prevalent in our society, and save your hard-earned dollars, too (not just now, but throughout the year).

Over the years, we have shared many articles and guides including links to favourite littlerless lunch reusables, cautionary tales, and nut-free healthy snacks. Below you will find a round-up of many of our resources that will help you have a positive impact every day – for you, your peers and our world!

1/ Here are some helpful shopping tips to consider before you purchase new supplies to go back to school, college or work. Shopping smart can save plenty of time, your hard earned dollars and your health, too, now and throughout the year.

2/ Whether your child has a nut allergy or you are simply choosing packaged snacks that are safe for school or your soccer team, these snacks are all nut and peanut-free – and healthy packaged snacks. We have linked directly to the company’s allergen statement or contacted them ourselves.

3/ Ryan Storm (Lisa’s son), who is heading off to university in September, shared these lunchroom survival strategies when he was in grade 8 (they still very much hold true today, and wow, how time flies!). They are his own techniques on how he has “survived” the cruel comments, constant questions and odd stares, and shares how he thinks every kid can be part of changing the face of food culture. Lisa weighed in on each of Ryan’s points, hoping to impart her parental marketing program – convincing her kids how very lucky they are, and how to feel good about eating healthy.

4/ Most schools now urge you to pack an eco-delicious, litterless lunch – and doing so can save you lots of money and time, our most valuable resources, plus, it’s healthier in so many ways. These are our favourite tools for packing waste-free lunches for kids and adults alike.

5/ Who is teaching our kids what is healthy at school? Not everything we learn at school is right — which is why we (and our kids) need to question everything! Did you hear about this “nutrition” presentation by the Canadian Sugar Institute at Lisa’s sons’s high school years ago, and how the news picked up on it? Start here for the story.

6/ Get your kids to bring home what matters and leave the unwanted at school — these are life skills!

7/ A “greener” workspace will mean a healthier, more focused and more confident student! This list will give you the ideas and resources to create great spaces tailored to your needs.

8/ Does your child’s school have Toxic Turf? It’s urgent that we have healthy, safe fields, in our open spaces for our kids to play on. If you don’t have Artificial Turf at your school, please pass this on to those you know who do.

9/ Remember, school is great, and important, but there’s nothing better than experience to help us all learn.  Explore these ideas on things to do and ponder outside of class. 

10/ If you are looking for incredible perspective on learning from a writer, thinker, drawer, painter, designer, parent, teacher, leader, learner of all things, Dr. Debbie Donsky’s blog is the one to bookmark. 

Here’s to new beginnings and a fun, informative, challenging, creative, inspiring, healthy, happy school year.

(is it summer again yet?)