Not All Pasta is Created Equal

How great is it to enjoy a hearty bowl of pasta? As a busy business owner, mom and wife, we stock a lot of noodles and jars of sauce because pasta is one of my family’s favourite fast-foods.

Not all pasta is created equal.

Pasta is true comfort food, but conventional white, or even whole wheat pasta weighs us down, bloats us up, and offers little to no nutritional value. The good news is that there are so many great choices when it comes to pasta now, made with nourishing ingredients.

Choose wheat-free and gluten-free organic pasta.

Try choosing a pasta that is wheat-free and gluten-free, loaded with the good stuff our bodies need and crave, and make your whole family very happy. There are so many delicious options available, from organic brown rice noodles, vegetable noodles, bean noodles, and kelp noodles – these are some of our favourites.

Always remember to read the ingredients on every package when shopping!