September was a transitional month in so many ways – the start of school (or back to work), cooler temperatures and shorter days, and, if you’re like us, we still long for our gardens, local food, the canopy of trees and water, and all else that flourishes in the summer. However, the transition into fall is also an ideal time to take stock of your life, set new goals and intentions, and do and live better. (It’s really always a good time to do this!)

When we pay attention, we can feel how much about fall represents change, going with the flow and letting go – the trees even send this message to us. If we are mindful about the changes occurring within and around us, we can often influence them in the direction of our choice – so let’s choose to make them as positive as possible. We hope the links we have chosen to share in our Roundup bring about a few new habits, along with the awareness and marvel of change, and encourage a peaceful and hopeful transition for you – for us all.

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