Giving Tuesday: How to Support an Organization Without Donating Money

Supporting an organization you value and admire, with the goal of  having a positive impact in our world with your dollars on Giving Tuesday (and any day), is a great way to pay it forward and show gratitude for all you have. But there are other ways to offer your support without making a donation that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Through our work at Borden Communications, we love supporting good people doing good things, and invest our money and time in many ways… we feel so incredibly fortunate to meet, work with, and cross paths with so many passionate people doing great things and sometimes our support isn’t about giving money or products or our services, sometimes it’s about sharing their inspiring stories and work… everything ripples!

Social sharing and digital communication is something we believe in very much. Not only is it a service we teach and offer support for, it’s also a powerful tool we can all use to support our friends and every organization doing good work, near and far.

Follow their social profiles. Whichever social media platforms you enjoy browsing and engaging on, search for the organization you want to support and like or follow their page. Once you’re connected, you will see their new posts and can stay in touch (and support further) easily.

Like their posts. If you enjoyed the content they’ve shared or found it interesting and inspiring, like the post! When you give a like, not only is it kind, but the content also appears for your friends and followers which helps increase exposure… this can lead to others who might donate or get involved in their own way!

Leave a comment. Social media is meant to be used for connection and communication. If you have something to say, say it!

Re-share their content. If you find something likely to inspire good in this world, it’s likely (at least some of) your friends and family might be interested too – share the good!

Tag a friend. Know someone who might also find a post or opportunity or cause of interest? Tag them in the comments so they can see it too! Making a great connection leaves both sides very grateful.

Sign up for their newsletter. If you like what they’re sharing socially, you’ll likely also appreciate the content they write and distribute through their email newsletter. (By the way, have you signed up for our monthly roundup?)

Follow their blog. Another sign of your support, plus you might learn something too! (We hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!).

VOLUNTEER! Give your time… get involved! There are so many opportunities where you can lend your hands and heart – you will learn so much, connect with others who support the same causes and be giving so valuably. The power of giving… if you have the privilege to do good, do good….and if it is authentic and true, it will bring you great joy in return. Everyone wins.

We support many organizations. This link takes you to our three favourite charities (Lisa is on the board of Shoresh and Project Giveback).

It is straightforward for me to be ethical, responsible, and kind-hearted because I have the resources to support that. – Edward Tufte