Not All Toothpaste is Created Equal

Healthy smiles make the best first impression. They’re the most effective and natural beauty trick, and an indication that you are healthy both physically and mentally. To keep our pearly whites shining their brightest, and feeling great and fresh, it’s important to visit your holistic dentist for regular checkups, and develop a good oral routine, but…

Not all toothpaste is created equal.

If toothpaste is supposed to help our mouths feel fresh, healthy, and clean then why would do so many contain really dirty ingredients? Even if we spit most of it out, much of what we brush onto our teeth and gums enters our blood stream.

There are way too many questionable and downright dangerous ingredients in most commercial toothpastes (like propylene glycol which is an active component in anti-freeze!). One popular toothpaste, Colgate Total, lists Triclosan as its first active ingredient, a chemical that has been linked to antibiotic resistance, endocrine disruption, and cancer. The second active ingredient is Fluoride, a toxic chemical linked to neurological and endocrine dysfunction. There are healthier ways to care for your teeth and gums!

Choose all natural, fluoride-free toothpaste made with clean ingredients.

What is not in your toothpaste is as important as what is in it. Read ingredient labels, as you do with food, and choose cleaner options, for your teeth and overall health. Here are some of our favourite oral health products for the whole family, or ask your holistic dentist what they recommend.