Clarify The Problem

If you are feeling unsettled and/or anxious, it’s often because we don’t have the clarity required to identify what is really bothering or triggering us.

Start by clearly identifying the issue. Define the challenge and focus on the solutions…lean on a trusted friend who understands you to talk it through, if you would like…sometimes it isn’t their advice but just your own words and voice that helps you to settle and clarify…journal or write and give it space, just for 24 hours even, as so much can change in a day.

You have choices once you’ve determined your specific issue troubling you – choose to accept it, ignore it, solve it.

Take your “problem”, define and clarify it, embrace and feel it for what it is, focus on the lesson presenting itself and the possible solutions, take action, resolve and let it go. Then, move forward….it always feels good to move.  And, when you feel good, it leads to more good. Trust in that and in yourself.

Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive for you to have in your life and work. As you grow, and as you evolve, you aren’t losing your mind or anything else – you are changing your mindset and that opens you up for more…of everything.

Change can be uncomfortable, but it’s part of the process and it’s worth it.