Not All Website Themes Are Created Equal

You know that your small business needs a website, right? Your customers are online, so you should be too. Even if you aren’t especially technologically savvy or confident, it’s really never been easier to create your own simple branded website. However…

Not all website themes are created equal.

A free website theme might seem tempting, but it will cost you much more time and frustration. Free themes are limited and restrict customization, offer little to no support, and are usually not updated.

A DIY website platform like SquareSpace, Wix or Shopify might catch your eye with their glossy themes, and low monthly costs, but over time, you’ll recognize the many limitations of each of these services and end up paying much more than you need.

Choose a WordPress Theme with great ratings, reviews, and support.

WordPress is great for a simple blog as much as a full corporate website. WordPress is more versatile, more customizable, and overall costs are less than other options. The DIY platforms may seem more user-friendly for a beginner, but WordPress offers MUCH better value and efficiencies in the long run.

The most common complaint we hear is that WordPress developers can charge enormous fees to set up and maintain a WordPress website, but you don’t need a developer to build our solution, a Borden Formula simple branded website -you can do it on your own, in under and hour!

The WordPress themes that we recommend are a one-time cost of $60-$120, are mobile responsive, SEO optimized, come with free updates and theme support from the developers, are simple to setup and customize, and will likely still cause some headaches, but will set you up for success. Well worth the small investment. Trust us, we can only tell you about this because we count on it all ourselves, and we’ve helped so many clients save money, save their sanity and give them control over their online presence.

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