Sometimes Say Never

Although we all know, and might share the saying “never say never”, we also have to acknowledge that there is an exception to every rule.

Here are some things that we feel justified saying “never” to – and, just maybe, you will too.

Never judge… what is happening in someone else’s life.
You never know of the battles people are fighting. Be kind to all, but careful what you believe and support because there’s always more to the story. Reminder: social media does not tell the real story!

Never drink… bottled water!
We know you’ve heard this over and over, but then why are so many still drinking it? It is petrifying what companies are doing to sell back our natural resource to us, but it’s even scarier to learn about plastics in our world and in our bodies. Click here for a summary that will hopefully wean you off of this bad habit, or that you can share with someone who might still be drinking bottled water!

Never resent…  or at least work on releasing resentment and anger. 
There are no guarantees in life. There are no guarantees in business. On the heels of being burned in business myself, the exercise of writing this post was as much about me sharing my own affirmations as much as wanting to be helpful to you. Your life experiences are only as powerful as the ability to turn them into life lessons.

Never use… plastic straws. 
How long do you even use that straw for when you are served your drink in a restaurant? So many straws are left in the bottom of takeout bags or removed from the drink and put onto the table or bar without even being used. Then where do they go? There is no “away”!!!! Want a solution? Strawesome glass straws, made by a lovely family in Michigan, come with a lifetime guarantee – yes, they are that confident in them. (Important to note, not all reusable straws are created equal).

Never tolerate… what brings you down.
These are 10 things we absolutely will not accept, and we don’t think you should either.

Never underestimate… the power of people!
We are better together. We really are. Be kind and give what you can, as you can. We all need more authenticity and kindness in our lives. And hope. But, it’s not just about thoughts and prayers. It’s about action. Let’s get going!