Spring Cleaning

We go to great lengths to keep our homes clean, as we should. It’s where we raise our families, where we gather with friends, where we cook and eat, where we rest and unwind, and so much more. When we take good care of our home environment, it takes good care of us.

But… there is so much more that we can clean up… and it’s worth it! 

When people ask, “does what I do really make a difference?” the answer is “yes!” – it absolutely makes a difference. Everything we buy matters, for us, and for our greater world. If we stop buying crap, then the makers will stop making crap. Simple economics.

Before buying something consider this:
What is it made of? (the materials or ingredients)
Who made it and where? (how are they treated?)
How far did it travel to get to me? (how big is its footprint?)
What is it packaged in? (and where does that packaging go?)
Who did I buy it from? (and what do they support?)
How does it affect my health and my family’s health? (short and long term)
What is the money I am spending supporting?

THAT is how we make a difference, every time we buy something (or decide not to).

Every change matters. 
Just click the the links in this month’s roundup and prove it to yourself!
(then pass it on) 

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