Thinking About The Future

Live in the moment, they say. Enjoy the present, they say. 

But, being grateful in the here and now, and living in the moment isn’t about doing whatever you want, whenever you want to do it, without responsibility and accountability. It’s about understanding that we are either part of growing issues, or part of healing and solutions… it’s about savouring the moments when we are actually living them. It’s about doing meaningful work, being fully present when hugging a friend, soaking up the sunset without worrying about tomorrow or next week, and stepping outside in the morning with the intention of doing better.

Living in the moment corresponds with spontaneity – going with your gut instinct at any particular moment is probably one of the better ways to make a decision (in my opinion, anyway) – in life and in work. But, we should always be aware of how our decisions impact our own hopes and dreams, and our shared future… nothing to obsess over every minute of every day, and it doesn’t require a formal plan, but it does require guiding principles, values and ethics – this is the stuff that keeps us going, that keeps us curious and creative and engaged… then we will naturally be building a better us, and better future for all of us.

We don’t know what the next moments, days, or years have in store for us, but we can do our own best to learn how to live in the moment with respect to our own wellness, and our world’s health too. It all matters. 

So, here’s to today, and making what’s ahead the best it can be. (If in doubt, always apply the precautionary principle).

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