Better Than

There are often debates about what is healthy or unhealthy, or what fads or diets or trends are good or bad, but around here we like to think of things being in more of the grey area, rather than black or white.

Not that there aren’t many things that are absolutes to us, like never buying or drinking bottled water in Toronto, or always shopping from local, organic farmers first. But looking at things as “better than”, rather than defining something as “good” or “bad”, or “healthy” or “unhealthy” has so many advantages. First of all, it allows us to not get stuck in a debate and moves us towards doing something that is likely “better than” what we have been doing up until now. It also allows us to celebrate ourselves for having and keeping an open mind, resulting in exploring something new, and developing better habits, leading to more and more positive transformation.

We could also consider this: as we embrace the concept of continually choosing something “better than”, we are committing to improving rather than judging ourselves for not doing enough, or perhaps thinking that our small efforts don’t make a difference. We simply move forward, and can do so perpetually because we can always do “better than”… once we know, why should we “unknow”? That is our foundation and practice around here. We use our relentless drive for better, our passion and purpose, and our gratitude for having the opportunity to learn and to use our knowledge to do better for us, and hopefully, better for you too. 

We encourage you to explore ideas and things that are “better than” others. Our roundup this month offers a few great places to start… then it’s up to you to keep going (or you can ask us for more… we have endless ideas for doing better as we make the effort ourselves!). 

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