Getting Back To It

back to school, lisa borden

September is a transitional month in so many ways – the start of school (or back to work), cooler temperatures and shorter days, and, if you’re like us, we still long for our gardens, local food, the canopy of trees and water, and all else that flourishes in the summer. However, the transition into fall is also an ideal time to take stock of your life, set new goals and intentions, and do and live better. (It’s really always a good time to do this!)

Whether you are starting a new grade, a new work schedule, or returning to one you had before the summer, or whether there is change at home, or you are committing to healthier habits, we hope that the links below help you get ready to get back to it with renewed motivation and enthusiasm while feeling centered and your own best!

Read and share these resources:

PACKAGED NUT-FREE/ALLERGY-FRIENDLY SNACKS. Well labelled, well packaged snacks and real food always have a place in my pantry – and in my kids’ lunchboxes. We’ve linked to the company’s allergen statement on each snack for you if they had one, and we otherwise checked by communicating directly with each brand.

10 LUNCHROOM SURVIVAL STRATEGIES. Ryan Storm (Lisa’s son), who is heading off to his second year at university in September, shared these lunchroom survival strategies when he was in grade 8 (they still very much hold true today, and wow, how time flies!). They are his own techniques on how he has “survived” the cruel comments, constant questions and odd stares, and shares how he thinks every kid can be part of changing the face of food culture. Lisa weighed in on each of Ryan’s points, hoping to impart her parental marketing program – convincing her kids how very lucky they are, and how to feel good about eating healthy.

PACKING ECO-DELICIOUS LUNCHES. Most schools now urge you to pack an eco-delicious, litterless lunch – and doing so can save you lots of money and time, our most valuable resources, plus, it’s healthier in so many ways. These are our favourite tools for packing waste-free lunchesfor kids and adults alike.

THE TALE OF KALE. No more picky eaters! A children’s book written by Lisa Borden and her daughter, Joey – based on a true story! Take the pledge to try more foods here!

BUYING NEW CLOTHES? READ THIS FIRST. Together, we can use the power of fashion to inspire change and reconnect the broken links in the supply chain. Let’s slow fashion down together and call for a better, fairer, cleaner, safer, and more transparent industry – and a healthier, happier world. Fast fashion and fast consumption doesn’t work.

FRESH LOCKS. Ready to trim those deads ends? Not all hair care and cuts are equal. Gain some perspective from this pro, Brian Phillips.

GREEN YOUR WORKSPACE.  A “greener” workspace will mean a healthier, more focused and more confident student! This list will give you the ideas and resources to create great spaces tailored to your needs.

GET OFF THE WRONG BUS. We all know how much trouble we can get in when we get on the wrong bus, headed in the wrong direction – whether going to school, work or in our lives. When we realize that we are on the wrong bus, there are options! 

GET FUTURE PROOFED. How about getting back to it all this fall with renewed and deeper connection to every day movement? David Newton (in partnership with us), is all about Future Proofing… a training program designed to help you get back to you…whether you are sitting in school or at a desk, driving carpool, participating in after school activities or organized sports, or even just lugging back packs, briefcases or gym bags, our workshops are perfect whether you attend a scheduled session in Toronto, or want to book your own private Future Proofing, Benefit Workshop or Counter Action program.