IWM: Takuma Go, Herbaland

We spoke with Takuma Go, local and international sales at Herbaland Naturals Inc. We found out more reasons to love one of our favourite treats, why they’re proud to call Canada home, and how they’re reducing 1,000 lbs of plastic this year!

Your mascot is a cute gummy bear. Do you make candy?

They definitely look and taste like candy, but they’re actually even better! Our facility manufactures gummies that are made with nutritional ingredients which help to supplement our daily needs.

What are nutritional gummies? And what’s the difference between yours and other gummy vitamins?

Our nutritional gummies contain supplemental ingredients such as vitamins, omega, calcium, and even protein! Our gummies are made to be inclusive for  those who prefer or enjoy gummies that are sugar-free, plant-based, Non-GMO, and organic! It doesn’t get any better than this!

Are all of your products vegan and allergen free?

We started out with the goal of making our products as inclusive as possible, and allergen-free has always been important to us. As we listened to our customers, our product line has evolved from being halal to vegetarian and, more recently, to 100% plant-based. Currently 24 of our 33 products are vegan, with this process still ongoing. Our facility is free of contaminants from major allergens such as nuts and dairy so don’t worry!

Are your gummy vitamins recommended by doctors?

We do have a few Doctors who are HUGE fans of our products, like Dr. Genieve Burley from Vancouver’s Be Chiropractic, and Dr. Mauricio Gonzales, a NYC Emergency Doctor. It’s great to see medical professionals who are focusing on preventative care, and who are using our products in their own lives and with their families.

We’re big fans of your Protein Gummies – what’s in and not in them, the nutritionals, and the texture and flavours. Who are they for? And when is the best time to enjoy them?

What a great question! Our protein gummies are one of our best selling products. First of all, they are completely plant-based. The protein itself comes from pea protein while the fiber comes from tapioca. From one pouch, you can get 27g of fiber, 10g of protein and just 1g of sugar in the adult gummies, and 16g of fiber 6g of protein and 0g sugar in the kids pack. They are for anybody! A lot of our customers are athletes looking to increase protein intake, and vegans/vegetarians who are looking to fill in gaps in their dietary intake; if you’re tired of taking your protein in powders and bars, this would definitely be for you. They are also a great choice for conscious snackers! Our adult gummies come in 4 different flavours. And if you can’t decide which one to choose from, there is always the fantastic fruit pack which contains all 4. With the snack size pouches available for both kids and adult protein gummies, you can take them anywhere and eat them at any time during the day.

You recently updated your product packaging. Can you tell us about your new upgrades?

Yes! At Herbaland, we started sourcing compostable packaging material to pouch our protein gummies, which is Herbaland’s best selling product. We have always been aware about the global waste crisis and now we finally get to take action and make a difference. Herbaland estimates that this change will eliminate around 1,000 pounds of plastic from the landfills within the next year.

Where do you sell most of your gummies?

We have a variety of locations that sell our products including grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, health stores, and specialty stores. We also sell them online on our website along with other popular websites that you might come across. See if you can find them when you travel to countries like the United States, South Korea, UAE, or even Turkey!

Why do you make your gummies in Canada?

Canada is home for our founders, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. It turns out that Canada is one of the best places to grow our brand considering the quality of resources that we can obtain and the exceptional standards set forth on supplements by the ministry of Health in Canada.

Does your product involve trade secrets? 

Our product ingredients lists are generally quite transparent.  However, it is the way that we make the gummies, which make them a trade secret. Let’s just say that the better the gummy is, the harder it is to make!

How would you describe the Herbaland Community?

Our Herbaland Community consists of our coworkers, business partners, influencers, customers, and even the people that we are surrounded by! As much as our brand shows itself, we like to show that we are committed to being healthy and fun by participating in all sorts of activities and events happening at our community. Not to mention, our coworkers are also as creative and interesting as they can get which is why our brand continues to spark amidst the many popular brands that consumers love to see.

What’s your favourite gummy?

My favourite gummy is the Energy Plus Gummy! Why? This product has the most unique taste thanks to the combination of both cola and cinnamon flavour! It also works very well, not to mention that I try to stay active all the time!

For more information or to order some gummies, visit herbaland.ca. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too!