Certified B Corp

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that use their power to solve social and environmental problems. Borden Communications is proud to be a Founding Canadian B Corp because we believe that good people, doing good things should stick together to support each other. We hope that the B Corporation Community will be the ultimate catalyst for sustainable and ethical businesses to connect and collaborate with each other, bringing about constant positive change.

We achieved this amazing certification by exceeding rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. We’re delighted to have earned a Composite B Score of 101.7, and we even attained excellence in many areas. Here are some of the highlights from the report:

B Impact Assessment

Governance: Annual review of social/environmental performance

Workers: Living wage paid to all employees

Community: Apply social and environmental screen to potential suppliers; Give preference to local suppliers; Employees offered >20 hours/year paid time off to volunteer; >10% of profits donated to local charities in previous year

Environment: >75% of paper products use sustainable materials; Renewable energy increased annually; Harvests rainwater and uses grey-water for irrigation at facilities

It is humbling and strange for us to be recognized for doing “good” business (it’s just what we’ve been doing for so long!), and we can’t wait until this is the norm. Needless to say, being in the company of so many responsible businesses inspires us to continue to strive to do more for our clients, our community, and our planet.

Giving Back

Borden Communications is dedicated to supporting our local and greater community at large in all we do. We take great pride in participating in a number of philanthropic projects each year, and committing a portion of our time to pro bono work.

If there’s something we can do to support your not-for-profit project or organization, please get in touch.

The Borden Pledge

With over 20 years in business (I’m not that old, really), I realize even more, that as I’ve grown in this great big world of ours, with clients around the globe, that the world actually gets smaller and smaller every day.

We all connect and collide with each other in so many different ways and places and I continue to believe that if good people, doing good things stick together that good will result! So, I thank you for being “here” for me. Your enthusiasm and support has kept me busy and you’re the reason that I remain passionate about all that I do, and that I am inspired to do more.

In honour of you, I Pledge to C. It’s all in a little vision, right?


I will continue to commit myself to being a champion for change and your biggest champion too.

I will continue to care about you and your business as if it were my own, because we’re all in this together.

I will continue to communicate candidly (read: no bullshit). I pledge to always tell people what I believe they should hear rather than what they want to hear.

I will continue to try and expand my capacity for tolerance and patience, and expand my capacity for new information to be able to give you more.

I will continue to build my own community and to enrich the community at large. I will continue to support you in growing your own community.

I will continue to connect you with others who can support you and who you can support, bringing about mutually beneficial relationships.

I will continue to donate much of my time to doing pro-bono work, because passion-based, meaningful, charitable work makes me happy.

I will continue to confuse you, but only in order to bring about clarity.

I will continue to change myself, and will also continue to promote change in your life and work.

Coach, Consult, Concierge
I will continue to work to offer the best “Triple C Service” to you. I will continue to ensure that the strategic blend of all of these roles working together for you, increases your efficiencies, revenue, health and happiness. And we all want more of that, right?

Common Sense
I will continue to believe that we all just need to use our own common sense to make our own best choices.

I will continue to try and be calm, although I am much more suited to being outraged. : )

I will continue to find a way to create even more titles, relationships and positions to add to my list.

I will continue to applaud your choices, and I will continue to offer you choices based on what is right for you.

I will continue to try and be your biggest champion. It’s so much fun. Thank you for the opportunity.

Life is about hanging on, letting go, holding back, giving it all, staying put and making change. So, here’s to a healthy, happy new day (and many more) – full of the good fortune of being able to make our own best choices, and full of relationships that bring about change for us all. Positive Change. The Big C.

Our Offices

The Borden Team is proud to work with and support good people doing good work all across the globe.

Although we are doing all we can to move operations to a warm, lush island flowing with coconuts and avocados, our head office is currently in Toronto, Ontario.

Borden Communications
744 Briar Hill Ave
Toronto, ON
M6B 1L3


Our Colophon

Our last website served us well for an entire decade, up until the day it was coming up blank on tablets. We choose not to spend much time working on our own “stuff”, as we are so gratefully occupied and inspired working with you, and we hope that this website will be our online presence for the decade ahead.

Our website is built on WordPress (self-hosted), which is what we recommend to all of our clients because it just makes the best sense.

We were our own architects and designers for this site, and wrote our own copy (authentic and true, even if grammatically not correct) because that’s part of what we can do and love to do around here. Our secret to bringing our concept and design to life (and for its continual improvement) lies with the patient programmers we work with. If you’ve worked with us, you can imagine the patience they must have, working to meet our (unique) and incredibly high standards. Our site has been built to work on your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices, but if you see something that doesn’t look “right”, please let us know.

Although we create all of our own graphics, we must thank Catherine Farquarson for the professional photos she somehow captured of Lisa.

If you are interested in building your own simple branded website, here’s how to get started. We recommend hosting with BlueHost, who has been reliable and quick to help whenever needed. Both recommendations are reliable, inexpensive and offer full support. If you’d like more resources, we have a constantly growing list of Lisa’s favourite things at thebordenbiglist.com, and we are always available to be reached directly if you have any questions/comments/compliments.