Meet Lisa

My name is Lisa… and I’m the Owner + a Woman of Many Titles

Having developed basic teaching and communication skills as a waterski instructor for kids for seven summers and having honed my design and marketing skills working for two years launching a new paint line for a major retailer, I realized that I could work on my own, and make a difference. There was clearly a niche for servicing small businesses and teaching others how to start a small business in 1994. There was also a need for businesses who operated morally and ethically.

So, Borden Communications + Design Inc.  was born in November of 1994 in the corner of my one bedroom apartment, when I was 22 years old. No money, no partner, no business plan…just a goal – to over deliver on every promise while maintaining a passion for the work at hand.

Borden Communications + Design still strives to surpass my initial goals and dedication and business ethics are, of course, still the cornerstone of my business. I am recognized as a leader in ideas and I’m proud of my long list of positions + relationships. Borden Communications remains a small business, allowing me and my mighty little team to actively collaborate on all programs and projects. Together, we efficiently deliver creative marketing solutions that work.

Personally, I am known as a motivator, I am known to be able to affect change, I am known for my integrity but mostly I am known to be relentless in the pursuit of results.

I am married to my summer camp sweetheart and I am a mother to three incredible children. These four people are my everyday inspiration to continually seek out more innovative, more creative and simply better ways at doing the same thing. I am a self-declared Workaholic/Blackberry Addict/Chocoholic, who values Family Life as the most important part of life. Life is my challenge, but my life is worth it.

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Meet Megan

My name is Megan… and I’m the Director of Execution + Evolution

I’ve been a proud member of the Borden Team since 2011. How fitting is it, based on what we do around here, that I initially connected with @LisaBorden on Twitter? I was attracted to her conscious tweets + good energy, and immediately sent Lisa an email to ask her if she was growing her team, and as you might imagine, she was at that time. More proof that social media works to bring the right people together to do good things.

Every day since (almost), has been an incredible learning experience, full of brainstorming, creating, trying new things, meeting inspiring people, and discovering new ways to make our clients lives and businesses more efficient, effective, and profitable. I’m grateful to be so deeply involved in all of our meaningful work.

Although I’m only in the office from 9-5 on weekdays, I feel connected to my work, my team, and my community 24/7. Being a member of the Borden Team isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle.

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Meet Rob

My name is Rob… and I’m the Director of Papers + Property

I’m in charge of all the “important” jobs like bookkeeping, accounting, government filing, systems and technology, lighting, mail delivery, receiver of email payments, and my personal favourite, fist bumps. My biggest claim to fame around here is that I was once named employee of the week (although it was only for one day). I got this coveted job, in addition to my career, by being Lisa’s partner in life.

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