This is an {un}blog, and not really a blog (because I never really do anything completely conventionally), but I certainly do have a lot to say and share (for those of you who know me, you did not need me to spell this out). I’m SO fortunate to be able to connect with people, products, and ideas that I find incredibly inspiring every day, and I hope to use this virtual space to give you an inside look into what’s going on in my (crazy) world…which, I share with you.

Along with my small but mighty team, we will be posting content under 3 main departments, and encourage you to share with us as well. If something excites or outrages you, if you have a product or service that we should know about, or should you have any comments, complaints, criticisms or compliments please be in touch.

Our Stories
fashion revolution

Who made my clothes?

Become an active citizen through your wardrobe. ~Livia Firth

Transparency is the first step to transform the fashion industry. And it starts with one simple question: #WhoMadeMyClothes?

Not All T-Shirts are Created Equal

Have you ever wondered why one t-shirt can cost $5 and another can cost $50? Is the more expensive t-shirt that much better? Maybe, but maybe not.

Not all t-shirts are created equal.


IWM: Brian Phillips, worldSALON

We spoke with Brian Phillips, the ultra-talented celebrity stylist, CEO and Owner of worldSALON and WORLD Hair and Skin, and co-founder of NogginOil. We found out what’s changed and what’s remained the same 30 years into business, what gets the most likes on social media, and some wise advice for new healthy entrepreneurs.

Are You On The Wrong Bus?

Years ago while reading Grub (an awesome book filled with ideas for an urban organic kitchen), I was introduced to, and instantly connected with, the Wrong Bus Syndrome by Wangari Maathai, a 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner. It’s a simple-yet-powerful analogy for how and why we find ourselves headed in the wrong direction. While Maathai writes about The Wrong Bus Syndrome in her book The Challenge for Africa, it has so many applications for each and every one of our lives, our work, for our communities, our food industry, the way we treat the planet, and much more.


Glyphosate: What you don’t know can harm you.

Food is a sensitive issue… it is highly personal. I am not a scientist, nor am I a farmer… I am not a bioengineer or a food journalist… I am not a nutritionist or a dietician, and I am not a doctor.

IWM: Emmy Mozdzen, The Jewish Museum

We spoke with Emmy Mozdzen, Associate Buyer at The Jewish Museum in New York. We found out what it’s really like to work inside of a Museum, how to give a truly special gift, and the path that lead her to find work she absolutely loves! 

Hidden Dangers of Everyday Things

Some people call me a KillJoy… I actually take it as a compliment.

The Precautionary Principle

Don’t get caught in the debate that surrounds us daily about the health impacts of this or that, just choose to simplify and use your own common-sense. The Precautionary Principle teaches us that if we wait until we’re absolutely certain something is not acceptable, we’ve probably waited too long.

Don’t Just…

Don’t just learn, experience.
Don’t just read, absorb.
Don’t just change, transform.
Don’t just relate, advocate. (more…)

You know what’s better than drinking coffee? Investing in yourself!

I appreciate that you’d like to grab a coffee. I am honoured that you would like to “chat”. But…. to start….. I don’t drink coffee.  (more…)