This is an {un}blog, and not really a blog (because I never really do anything completely conventionally), but I certainly do have a lot to say and share (for those of you who know me, you did not need me to spell this out). I’m SO fortunate to be able to connect with people, products, and ideas that I find incredibly inspiring every day, and I hope to use this virtual space to give you an inside look into what’s going on in my (crazy) world…which, I share with you.

Along with my small but mighty team, we will be posting content under 3 main departments, and encourage you to share with us as well. If something excites or outrages you, if you have a product or service that we should know about, or should you have any comments, complaints, criticisms or compliments please be in touch.

Our Stories

Etsy Shops to Shop

There’s a special bond that’s created when you buy something directly from the person who made it; that’s why we love farmers’ markets, The One of a Kind Show, and Etsy. Handmade items have a story, they’re conversation starters, and they make amazing gifts.


IWM : Graydon Moffat

We spoke with Graydon Moffat, creator of GRAYDON Clinical Luxury by Nature. We use and love her line of “crap free” holistic personal care products because she uses incredibly pure ingredients, her products are amazing (and actually work!), she’s local to Toronto, and she’s a great person. We found out how to simplify and save money on quality beauty care, the new fragrance that’s irresistible to men, and natural tips and tools to get the best night’s sleep.


How to Buy Less Stuff

Stuff. Where do we put it? When are we going to use that again? Where does it go when we no longer need it? Take a look to your left, and another to your right and check out how much stuff surrounds us, most of which we probably could do without. Buying less stuff means less clutter in your life and in the landfills, using fewer resources, and more money in your pocket; and who doesn’t want that?


IWM : Meghan Telpner and Josh Gitalis

We spoke with the newly wedded (and always awesome) Meghan Telpner, nutritionista extraordinaire, and Josh Gitalis, evidence based clinical nutritionist. This super powered couple is making it easy and exciting to live optimally, and heal and prevent disease through nutrition. We found out why they want you to break the rules, their fave tools for healthy living, and where they go to get “medicine.”



Things You Should Never Tolerate

They say you should choose your battles wisely, and we couldn’t agree more. Those who know us, know that we’re not afraid of a little confrontation here and there (how else are we going to bring about change?). We’ll be the first to admit we find ourselves outraged quite often, but we know it’s because we’re paying close attention, and it’s benefiting us – sometimes even all of us. The following are things we absolutely will not accept, and we don’t think you should either.


Why We Don’t Drink Pop

Those sparkly soda bubbles seem to pop up everywhere we turn, but there’s no way that we’re letting that soft drink get anywhere near our lips. We drink good stuff around here – like water, organic juices, and more. After all, we’re busy trying to change the world, so we need to stay hydrated and healthy! After clicking through these 8 links about how sickening the soda industry is, we don’t know how you’ll ever be able to look at the fizzy drink the same way again.

The Sin of Unknowing

It amazes me how we will work so much harder at convincing ourselves that our current toxic habits are ok, or are ok in moderation, rather than accepting the reality that we’ve maybe made mistakes, and have to do better. We seem, as a culture, so willing to deny and rationalize the very things that we inherently know are not good for us now, and certainly pose problems for our future. I’ll admit easily that change is hard, especially in our busy lives, but what’s the alternative?

IWM : Ellen Schwartz

We spoke with Ellen Schwartz, founder of Project Give Back and co-director of Jacob’s Ladder. This super mom is changing the world and inspiring everyone around her to also try and make a big difference. Her 15 year old son Jacob was born with an incurable genetic disease, and the Schwartz’s have made enormous strides by living every day like it’s their last. We found out what you get when you give, the guaranteed way to make a child smile, and why Jake’s beating the odds and how we can too.


Making the Grade This School Year

That new backpack full of requisite supplies (read: expensive) might be good for the three Rs of school (reading, writing, and arithmetic) but they certainly are not good for the three Rs we hear more about these days (reduce, reuse, and recycle).

Now that you’ve shopped (for only what your child needs rather than wants), short of safety-pinning or duct taping everything to them, how do you get them to bring home what matters and leave the unwanted at school? Hopefully, with a little luck on your side and what follows, you’ll achieve what we’re all after — a happy, healthy family. (more…)

This is how we think lunch should be packed

When you throw things away, where do you think “away” is? Exactly! No. Such. Place.

Are you aware that taking or buying a disposable lunch to school or work each day creates a total of 30 kilograms of waste every year? (fyi – that’s about the weight of a grade 2 student). Packing a litterless lunch can save you money AND time (now we’ve got your attention!), and it’s certainly healthier.