In an effort to define ourselves (because you ask to try to figure it out before we get started), we have detailed some of our specific marketing and business development modules for you to browse under our Logical Services. When we meet, we will recommend a customized prescription for exactly what you need to meet your goals and fit your budget. It all starts with an initial consult, then all good follows!

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Triple C

Whether in person, over the phone, or virtually, speaking with Lisa is the first step regardless of what you want to do, discover, create, accomplish, or learn. A consult with Lisa is not a coaching session, it’s not a consulting session, and it’s not a concierge service (mostly because she refuses to be like anyone else and partially because it’s a strategic blend of all these roles working together to increase efficiencies, revenue, health and happiness).Lisa is known to be able to prioritize your ideas and create a full plan of attack, all within an hour (seriously!). She learns how to work with you, and most importantly within your budget, because she pegs people’s strengths and suggests things that are do-able. Lisa will get to the root of your motivation and point you in the right direction. Sometimes this means moving a few steps back and re-adjusting, and sometimes this means making plans for the future and figuring out how to get there.

Even after your first consultation with Lisa, you will leave with tangible, executable ideas while having a new invigorating sense of direction (she likes to make you think differently, and then she provides a new clarity to it all!).

Community Management

We love community. From building a new platform, to helping to reach out and talk to those when they are talking about you, from listening to your customers and prospects, to having conversations with those you know and meet those that you should know, we will help you understand and then leverage powerful social media tools and channels to grow your community for value. Your online presence is no longer a venue to show off your products and services alone, it is now your customer service desk, your sales platform, your marketing tool, your networking meeting, your brand developer, and even your birthday party.Consider who is able and who you want having those conversations on your behalf. We are not social media experts [how can anyone be with everything changing so quickly?], we’ve just been at it for a while and love all that we accomplish by using it for ourselves and our clients day in and day out. We love to talk, we understand the business and the market, plus, we’re all about relationships and conversations and collaborations. If you believe that you don’t have time for social media and prefer to hire a consultant or expert, let us start by urging you to get familiar with each platform and how others use it for business before you explore your options. You must be involved, and/or hire someone who can support and understand this work.

We will help you get engaged and can teach you how to listen in on and participate in the right conversations that will result in a return on this investment. Guaranteed.

Website Organization + Development

Your website isn’t just a website – it is your online business. It communicates all you do and what you stand for, so it’s necessary to represent yourself in a pleasing and professional manner. After years of working with clients at varying stages of their businesses, we know that sometimes the budget isn’t there, sometimes the content isn’t there, and sometimes the business isn’t defined enough to know what to do first or what to commit to showcasing…but you still need an online presence. We are not tech-based and we’re not programmers, but we are architects and understand how to create a blueprint to help your audience understand and appreciate what you do, and how to engage with you!

Content Creation + Strategy

When you’re managing personal and professional social platforms, a blog, email marketing, editorial and more on top of your daily business activities, it’s easy to understand why content gets released and shared with spelling and grammatical errors, missing links, missing tags, and missed opportunities, or posts are sporadic or cease to exist completely. You must have quality content and assets to share, and it’s about consistency over frequency. We understand the function and the formula, and know how to set you up for success no matter your creative talent, copy skills, time commitments, or tech limitations.

We invest in creating content strategy that saves you time and money in the long term. Plus, you’ll be much more effective immediately, and it will change the way you think, do, approach, and sell.

Influencer Programs

In addition to stronger sales, the goal of rolling out an ambassador, influencer, or affiliate program is to find and identify valuable spokespeople for your brand that will organically boost social activity, increase community, foster relationships, generate more brand recognition, and increase sales.

Engaging potential brand ambassadors, influencers, and affiliates needs to be approached with respect, a quality offering, and clear terms. We create the assets to facilitate clear communication, immediate “friendships”, and pride ourselves in helping our clients build communities without depleting time or energy. These programs lend you immediate value, but also establish new relationships, resulting in long term benefits.

Board Development

In an effort to best serve your community, improve your offerings, and introduce more people to your products and services, turning to a trusted Community Advisory Group can give you valuable insights, honest opinions, and helpful suggestions for guidance and direction.

We can build boards and panels on our own, but this program is best executed as a collaborative effort as we like to build groups based on respected peers and current contacts. The benefits to this module are expansive and highly recommended as it creates brand integrity and is ever-evolving.

Brand Boosters

Sampling Program

“The Borden Factor” is a unique sampling program that we developed (and continue to evolve, of course), that incorporates components from a press relations program and a focus group, with an added Borden twist – resulting in our clients not only gathering valuable feedback from the “real world”, but also spikes in social media engagement and activity (gathering influential people into your community and social circle), reviews, sales, and marketing direction. Your brand will connect directly with the consumer, you will build your online community and social capital, we will determine features and benefits that need to be highlighted to engage the consumer, we will research and understand the consumer and what they want to see from your product, and we will determine how your brand will build trust with your target audience. We have an expanding list of brand ambassadors, opinion leaders, retailers, and tastemakers waiting to influence on your behalf and give you valuable feedback.


A contest is a wonderful tool to engage your community, gain attention for what you offer, and can very quickly and efficiently support your bottom line. Contests can be social media based, part of a PR program, run through your affiliate network or to the public – the options are endless. We look forward to creating a contest for you if or when it makes great sense (we only stand for using good sense around here!).

PR + Media

Borden Communications has been delivering brand boosting buzz for individuals, companies, products and services for years. We are solution driven and believe that your message is the priority. Bury us in information or we’ll dig for it in order to unearth the story that connects your customers to your brand. Our goal is to define objectives and create clarity, understand your business, and help you deliver a message that your brand can build on…forever. We can offer you basics for this module, but we take great pride in helping clients hire PR “experts” in the right community, at the right price, with set objectives, as needed and when budget allows.

We truly believe PR + media is most effectively added once foundational brand work is established in order to build on and amplify energy to what is already working for you.

Special Projects

We adore special projects [we consider most of what we do a privilege and special]. Whether you want ranting, writing, workshops, speaking, manifestos or a full blown campaign, we’d love to be on board, so please get in touch.

Reputation Management

You know you are great at what you do, and you know that you care… but do others perceive you as you are?

While reputation management was originally a public relations based service, the advancement of the internet and use of social media has thrust us into working on individual brands, language, and messaging in an ever-evolving way. This basic media-training-esque service ties in tightly with our social media work, as well as personal coaching, and exists out of demand – not because we deliberately created them. We absolutely love the work and continuously see results.

As live streaming video becomes part of our lives and businesses, we will need to think more about what people hear and feel just as much (if not more) than what we want to say. Reputation management can be something we take on completely, or simply advise and teach you how to manage it best for yourself, on your own terms.

Brand Development + Design

Our work isn’t judged by how it looks*, but by how effectively it communicates. Borden Communications is solution driven and believes that your message is the priority. Bury us in information or we’ll dig for it in order to unearth the story that connects your customers to your brand [or tell us to shut up and we’ll just give you design].

We pride ourselves on the creativity of every piece or product we work on. We begin development at any stage. Some of our clients have branding or art completed or underway, then we simply adhere to their guidelines, others retain our services to adjust their brand and others require a few steps backwards to move forward or a blank slate start. Lisa has been offering complete and comprehensive Brand Development Programs for individuals, companies, products and services. She helps define objectives and structure the brand which results in clarity, an understanding of your business, plus a versatile and effective brand to build on…forever.

Our team believes that your message needs to be defined first. Next, we determine how to communicate it with design, style, messaging + product. Then, we can really help you get noticed and that’s what it’s all about.

*fantastic by the way

Making Markets

Borden Communications’ relationships cover key members across many segments – leveraging these relationships to ‘make markets’ for new and important products and services in Canada, and due in large part to social media, around our world.

Borden Communications provides greater value to our clients and partners because of the synergy created through working intensely with multiple complimentary companies. Because we work with people and products that are compatible in nature, sales are driven by support for each other. This ultimately leads to an increase in sales opportunities for all that we are associated with and also gains us better mind share with those we work with on a consistent basis. There’s even more benefit to this synergy: the added market potential it offers, the greater market share it creates, and the greater speed of market penetration it facilitates.

We take a very holistic approach to each client, as their strengths, budgets, personalities and goals are all taken into consideration. Some of our many activities include: developing PR through numerous web and print publications & speaking engagements; generating tremendous word of mouth through contacts, customers and social media; supplying marketing support and creative for new programs to grow the market; linking the manufacturer with complementary products to enhance sales performance; increasing sales opportunities to resellers and prospects; maintaining and supporting the integrity of the line and its brand; choosing the right distributor to work with in the right region.

The Accelerator

This intensive, fast-track service is not for the faint of heart. In an impressively short amount of time, we will have your complete brand reviewed, interviewed, developed, online and social with all the content objectives and tools you need to be successful on your own terms. We must stress, the Accelerator is not for everyone – you have to want it badly, and be all in, heart and soul, for it to have a return. But we promise: If you’re ready to go, it’s a great investment.

Passive Income Generation

Whether you have a thriving online business, or you offer a service face-to-face, building products and experiences that allow you to take advantage of systems of automation to create transactions, increase cash flow, and promote growth without requiring your real-time presence and interaction is more necessary (and more accessible) than ever.

We will help you identify opportunities, create products and experiences, and then implement sales strategies to create sustainable successes. Invest your time now in order to generate passive income.


If you’ve looked through our logical services and you are not sure where to start, don’t worry, you’re like everyone else who ends up here. Not everyone falls into a category, and not everything can be labeled (we’re all about no labels anyways!), so most of what will end up rolling out together will be a completely custom program catered to your specific needs, wants, desires, and budget, with a combination of services listed, and even ones that are not.

Let us assure you, you’ve come to the right place.