The Borden Workbook

Determined to bring the model from our one-on-one consulting and coaching to as many as possible, we have created The Borden Workbook to support you as you launch, grow, and nurture your business, alongside consultation, or as a standalone guide. The Borden Workbook is part business book, part self-help book that provides you with the tactical and practical advice, efficiencies, formulas and perspective you need.

Organize and succeed as an entrepreneur at your own pace, within your own budget – with competence and confidence.


The Borden Big List

Known for her extremely high standards for healthy, clean, and conscious living, Lisa Borden, owner of Borden Communications, created this resource of big (and micro) lists because you asked what you should read, wear, drink from, clean with, eat, cook and do! She is always adding, and sometimes sadly, subtracting, so check back often.

AND…NEVER buy anything that you don’t need.


The Borden Formula

After years of working with clients at varying stages of their businesses, we know that sometimes the budget isn’t there, sometimes the content isn’t there, and sometimes the business isn’t defined enough to know what to do first or what to commit to showcasing…but you still need a foundation… an online presence.

At Borden Communications we are all about solutions. In the name of creativity and efficiency, we have created your solution – and such a simple one.

By following these steps, you should be online (and proud) with a simple branded website within the hour. Get started now!


Alphabet of Avoidance

If you think about it, you’ll realize that the world we live in is actually encouraging us to consume more in order to reduce our impact. Buy green. Try this. Throw this out. Never use that. Replace it now. Nope, that was wrong, now do this. Maybe you find it all stressful, maybe you find it overwhelming, but don’t write off living healthier and smarter. It is absolutely worth buying into the green movement, and, it’s just as important to know what to avoid. 

The Alphabet of Avoidance will change your perspective. It will make you more informed. It will convince you to get rid of bad habits. It will inspire you to develop new habits. It will give you the resources to make the changes easily. It will save you time and money. And your health. It might just change the world.


Takeout Without

It takes approximately 20 seconds to put our food into takeout containers. Convenient? No, it’s actually inconvenient since the packaging can remain in our landfills forever, causing continued damage to us and our world. The American population tosses out enough paper bags and plastic cups, forks and spoons every year to circle the equator 300 times.

TakeOutWithOut exists to help you to fill your stomach, not the landfill.


Orb Candles

Lisa Borden is a Jewish mother of 3, who each Friday, gathers around the table to celebrate Shabbat with her family. It was natural for her to want to raise awareness about the risks of conventional candles, and how dangerous it can be to overlook them. As an eco-advocate and owner of Borden Communications, Lisa’s commitment to improving the quality of our health and the environment set her into action to create a safe, healthy and beautiful Shabbat candle. She and her team developed and launched a brand that met their high expectations, while also created a product that will now be a part of every smart Shabbat table and healthy home. Now that’s shlepping nachas!



For years we were trying to find a smart, healthy alternative for plastic dryer balls or toxic dryer sheets. After some research, common sense, and creativity (what we do everyday here at Borden Communications), we decided as a team to put a product on the market that would save us time, money, health and the planet. BaaLLS are reusable dryer balls that are handmade ethically from certified organic wool from happy sheep! These BaaLLS kill static and soften clothes while taking care of both you and our planet.


No Nuts Please

Nut-free families have the important job of educating everyone about what “nut-free” really means. But it’s getting easier because there is so much more awareness. Lisa’s daughter Joey’s allergies taught her everything she knows. No Nuts Please exists to spread knowledge, open dialogue and create awareness!


Tale of Kale

The original story for this book was conceived and created by Lisa’s daughter, Joey, when she was 8 years old. Andy, the main character, and Lisa’s youngest son, is a true character in real life and teaches their family a lot, with much enjoyment and love (mixed with some frustration!).

The Tale of Kale is a based on a real story and a real kid, but is meant to be a colourful and happy way to encourage good eating habits, and develop excitement for trying new things. This children’s picture book is perfect for a good cuddle-up-and-read session, and also a great classroom read or addition to your library. It is our hope that children of all ages will understand and experience food in ways that are fun and relevant to their everyday lives by reading The Tale of Kale.


Borden Snaps

At Borden Communications we are all about solutions. In the name of creativity and efficiency, we created Borden Snaps; A solution to keeping you and your business protected and compliant online whenever you post photos and send emails. Borden Snaps will walk you through how to snap a photo, get media and email permissions, build your email list, and reconnect with customers.

Free Food

A growing collection of real recipes from Lisa Borden, a health-focused, working-mom, that are certified approved by her family and friends. They also happen to be (mostly) nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free, white-free, gmo-free, vegan, kosher, and of course, organic. Coming soon!

Preview a sample of the recipes:

Cookie Batter Dip

Banana Muffins