Lisa Borden is a change maker. Her passion for inspiring environmental change carries over into everything she does. Her mind is constantly coming up with fresh ways to get people excited about making a difference for the planet. To know Lisa is to be inspired by Lisa — and to want to try harder to live green.

Ann Douglas, Author. Magazine Writer. On-Air Parenting Columnist. Speaker.

Lisa is one of the most creative, trustworthy and hardworking business professionals I have ever come in contact with. From the moment we began to work together my business opportunities have increased ten fold. She is there for me when I need her and always available to give her insight to any situation.

Douglas McNish, Owner, Doug McNish Vegan Inc.

Having personally come from an advertising background, I thought I knew what I was doing. And I did… to a point. And then I met Lisa. Since consulting with Lisa on a regular basis, everything has been taken to the next amazing level! Her fresh, executable and effective ideas are absolutely inspired and always well inline with my own philosophies. She has an amazing gift for listening to her clients, understanding the business they want to grow, and working with their core values without compromise to push further. She is able to expand on clients’ goals and, perhaps most importantly, put those objectives into first steps to make them happen.

Meghan Telpner, Nutritionist, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Founder/Director the Academy of Culinary Nutrition

Lisa Borden is by far the most valuable consultant I have ever worked with. If I had to limit expenses to a single resource it would absolutely be Lisa. She is nothing short of exceptional.

Donna Bishop, founder/ ceo of Green Beauty Inc., Environmental Defense cabinet member, makeup artist and instructor

Lisa is a visionary, and she has used her vision to bring very tangible results to my company. Lisa is also filled with integrity, and uses her time, energy, and talent to make a difference in the world. Lisa gets results for those that she works with, and I am so grateful that Lisa, and her company Borden Communications and Design, have come into my life!

Daniel Hoffmann, Organic Farmer, Social Worker, Community Developer, Food Programmer, Community Gardening Specialist, BSW

Please don’t hire Lisa Borden (I don’t want to share her services with you).
Lisa will create a whirlwind of positive strategic activity based on cost effective and cutting edge initiatives sure to clear the cobwebs from your business communications plan. Highly recommended.

Warren Brander, GM Derma Wise / Thera Wise

Lisa is not only savvy, diligent, innovative and a genuine force to be reckoned with, she is a truly ethical person for whom I have the deepest respect. If you want an honest and constructive opinion – ask Lisa. If you want a cheerleader and mentor rolled up in one fierce and compassionate package – you want Lisa. If you want to grow and optimize your business but not betray your vision, ethics and heart – you need Lisa. Never sweet, but always generous: she’s one of the good ones.

Alexis Butler, Editor-in-Chief at EcoParent Magazine


No one on earth would ever accomplish anything without creating their own urgency. Having Lisa on-board is like putting your urgency on steroids. It’s all good no matter how it looks, sounds, etc. So after about 2 minutes of complaining about how “Lisa’s a pain in the butt”, we end up having our own little gratitude session about the big difference she makes being on our team. Thanks Lisa!

Brian Surowiec, IT/Web Consultant and Entrepreneur, Vice President of Strawesome

I love working with Lisa. I have been skeptical of many companies that say they can help me reach new markets but Lisa wasn’t lying! Her creative ideas always turn into a profitable ‘investment’ and I am always thrilled to hear what she is working on.

Melissa Gunning, CEO & Founder Wean Green

As my business evolves…I am often stuck on what to do next. That’s when Lisa comes to the rescue. I always leave a meeting with her inspired and excited about all the new products and ideas she comes up with. Lisa’s integrity and commitment to what she does is unmatched.
I always know expert advice is a phone call or a visit away.

Kym Klopp, Owner at ecoexistence

Lisa provides exceptional quality and tremendous value — she proactively helped our business and ultimately became an invaluable, trusted part of our team. Her range of knowledge is exceptional!

Oliver Madison, Founder & CEO, Me to We Style

We love Borden Communications because our brand would not be alive and well without the ever probing, brilliant, visionary mind of Lisa Borden. Though extremely compassionate and caring, she is anything but a hand holder. If you want to start a business or you need strategic guidance or exquisite branding, she’s your gal. Expect to get out of your comfort zone and squirm a little because she’s gonna challenge you to think outside the box and won’t mince words but she is worth every penny and is better than most therapists. No bullshit. Hallelujah. Just what the doctor ordered…

Graydon Moffat, Founder at GRAYDON Clinical Luxury by Nature

Lisa has been an integral part of growing my brand and my business. I am always blown away by her ideas. She steers me straight and always has my best interests at heart. A TRUE professional. I always look forward to our meeting and always leave with a renewed sense of what I should be doing.

Candice Batista, Heatlh/Eco Producer & Eco Expert The Marilyn Denis Show

Since working with Lisa, my photography business has evolved and expanded into new markets and niches that I didn’t know how to break into. Because of her, I am working in way that reflects my Documentographer Brand, and b/c of that am creating work that no one else can do. If my business had stocks, the Lisa Borden one would be the most valuable of them all. I would invest everything in her, because the returns are truly remarkable, and have amazing long term results.

Catherine Farquharson, Photographer, Documentographer

Lisa always gives strong and clear (and brilliant!) advice. She is a fountain of knowledge and genuinely cares about the success of her clients. After our initial consultation I immediately trusted her with my brand (my baby!) and I cannot thank her enough for all her help!

Kailey Gilchrist, creator/owner of NONA Vegan Foods Ltd.

Our experience using Borden Communications and working with Lisa and her team was wonderful and responded to all of our expectations. People we can count on, quality, integrity and dedication to great causes!

Lulu Cohen-Farnell, Founder, Chief Brand & Food Innovation Officer- Real Food for Real Kids

Lisa helped to bring to the next level. She has advised and recommended us to various eco products that not only brought us publicity but businesses. Her creativity and work ethics are second to none.

Jacqueline Szeto-Meiers, Vice President, Canso Investment Counsel Ltd

Lisa challenges me to be better at what I do and she is always ethical. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is serious about wanting to be better in business, who would appreciate her commitment, and value her integrity

Sara Winter, VP Community at Specialisterne Canada