BaaLLS Organic Dryer Balls

A few months into the production of these wool dryer BaaLLS, I was thrilled to have met an amazing sheep farmer who truly loves and cares for her animals, and didn’t treat any of their wool with chemicals. I knew from the beginning that her supply was limited, and that I wouldn’t be able to grow this brand to achieve enormous global sales, but that wasn’t the goal in the first place, so I knew what I had to do. I was going to keep making BaaLLS by hand with organic wool from my new friend and her fuzzy friends.

I am dedicated to delivering the best I can, with all I know, and continuing to improve as I learn how to do better. My BaaLLS were sold on store shelves next to conventional wool dryer balls that were a fraction of the cost, but I was out to prove that people will go for what’s right, and truly valuable, especially once they know the truth. That’s Empathy Economics in play. I am proud that my team lovingly hand made every one of our BaaLLS with certified organic, cruelty-free wool, and felted them with a 100% plant based kind soap, in energy star appliances, and packaged them in 100% Organic Cotton drawstring bags devotedly handcrafted in Canada. My goal for everything I do is simple – to provide solutions while offering superior service, and outstanding quality.


While I no longer produce or sell BaaLLS,  I found these other organic options have since entered the market. Click here