Foot Massage Ball

Feet are remarkable things! Your feet are one of the most jam packed and complex anatomical structures in your body. You cannot have a healthy body if you don’t have healthy feet.

We always work on Foot Health in our Future Proofing programs, and we use this eco-friendly, cork massage ball as a powerful self-healing tool that can enhance joint mobility, relieve pain, increase circulation and calm your nervous system. We like to suggest keeping it under your desk or dining table and simply roll it around on the bottom of each of your feet. It will feel great and the long term effects will astound you.

Having a regular foot massage is a great way to treat yourself to a time out, a health practice for your body, mind and soul, and it has the potential to heighten your awareness about the current state of your body.

Sourced from Mediterranean oak trees, our cork is safely harvested from the bark, making our Healthy Foot Rolling Ball an eco-friendly choice.

Purchases of our Healthy Foot Rolling Ball include first month free in the Self Care Studio in The Wellness Intelligence Collective. *new members 



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