No Worries: Intelligent Self-Care, Doable Stress Relief, and Optimistic Thoughts for a Happier Life (Ebook)

Do you worry? Is worry preventing you from having happy days? No Worries, a fun and functional guide to intelligent self-care, doable stress relief, and optimistic thoughts, will inspire you.

We have written and designed No Worries with a light-hearted and colourful approach hoping to help you reframe your thinking and process what’s on your mind so that you can live with less worry and make the most of every day. Included are practical exercises and suggestions for moving, breathing, resting, eating well, and connecting.

We are self-proclaimed “reformed over-worriers” who believe that everything in the Universe falls into two categories (of course, there are always exceptions) 1// Things we can control, and 2// Things we can’t control. This self-help book will make you smile and calm down and get you to stop worrying about things that are in your control and about things that are out of your control.

This bright 80 page book presents ideas and solutions necessary to think more clearly, make better decisions, have healthier relationships, feel better about life, and develop healthier habits.