Orb Shabbat Candles (6)

100% pure Canadian beeswax Shabbat candles with organic cotton wicks, handmade locally.

Why do I like it?

When I couldn’t find clean candles for my Shabbat table, I made my own. Here’s what makes them so special for Shabbat or for any day:

+ 100% Pure Canadian Beeswax. The purest and most natural of all waxes. Pure Canadian Beeswax burns cleanly, and actually purifies the air, improving indoor air quality, while giving off a beautiful, warm glow.

+ Organic Cotton Wicks. Orb wicks are made from 100% certified organic cotton (plus, no wire or lead!), that is safe for your health and our planet.

+ A 4 to 6 hour burn time. Perfect for your Shabbat table.

Plus as a bonus…

+ Negative Ions. Beeswax is the only substance known to humankind that, when burned, emits a negative ion. Negative ions circulate the room neutralizing the positive static charge that keeps contaminants airborne. When this charge is neutralized, the contaminants – dust, odours, mold, pollen, viruses and other toxins – fall to the floor.

+ Self Enhancing Properties. It is said that pure beeswax candles improve your sleep, provide relief from allergies and hay fever, and can cause less severe asthma attacks. It can also improve concentration, aid in natural detoxification and add a sense of well being.

+ Canadian Love. Orb Candles are all Canadian made. I came up with the idea, developed the concept, designed the branding, and of course, am in charge of the ultimate customer service (all while being just another fun hobby on the side of my daily work!).

I believe what’s not in orb candles is equally as important as what’s in them:

+ No Paraffin
+ No Lead
+ No Artificial Fragrance
+ No Toxic Colourants
+ No Pesticides

I know these safe and special Shabbat Candles will bring you, your family, and your friends light, health and happiness.

What do I suggest you try?

A Set of 6 Orb Candles, packaged together in a beautiful, reusable bag. (3 pairs, each pair is perfect for 1 Eco Shabbat or to give your home a healthy glow at once.)


This was the most incredible Shabbat dinner we have had. The candles are so amazing. I can not say enough fabulous things about them. Why? Everyone was interested in them. They burned a beautiful light, almost one we had not seen before. They did not drip a single drop. And they let off a faint smell of honey, but a lot a very intense feeling of harmony. I suggest you try them. I’m sold forever, if I could just get them! ~ Jaimi on Sep 30, 2018

These are beautiful, burn brightly and for a long time, and they are so wonderfully fragrant! Authentic beeswax. ~ Mark on Nov 3, 2016

These candles are the best. All natural and beautiful. ~ Eliza on Dec 12, 2013