We offer membership in The Wellness Intelligence Collective (TWIC) as a gift. As a member of our shared community, you know that we pour tremendous thought, love, expertise, and resources into TWIC. We foster community and connection.

Anything you contribute helps us produce and maintain TWIC, supports me, my family, Megan, our work, and allows us to offer everything we do without sales funnels, ads or pay walls. We thank you for being part of the proof-of-concept for this way of doing business.

What is Pay Your Own Value (PYOV)?
It’s about you coming up with a “value tag” instead of us assigning a “price tag”. It’s about what YOU get out of what we share, combined with what you are able/willing to pay. Your contribution can be self-determined when you gain something professionally or personally, at the time you register for a Learning Lab/session, or at any time that feels right to you. You can also become a Sustaining Patron and contribute anytime that you want to support and develop our work and help us support more people to discover opportunities and expand their Wellness Intelligence.

What is the benefit of PYOV?
You decide what YOU get out of what we offer, combined with what YOU are able/willing to pay/contribute. With your presence, patronage, and PYOV, we will be able to continue investing in our network and content to enrich and improve all of our lives and create the conditions for you to discover opportunities and expand your Wellness Intelligence.

Why did we create PYOV?
One of our goals is to have the opportunity to share widely and be in service … and offer everyone as much access as possible to everyone.  Every time you PYOV, you will provide us with resources to do so, and will offer us proof that we are providing value … and then this inspires us further. Reciprocity!

We designed TWIC to offer you an easy-to-use, distraction-free space that brings you joy and helps you feel good! Whether you are a member of any (or all) of our virtual studios, have joined Learning Labs, network for your business, or simply hang out in the main hub of TWIC, we hope you are enjoying the interviews, resources, interactions, and opportunities in our virtual “community centre”. What we share is based on collective years of experiential knowledge fused with hundreds of hours of monthly research and writing, and the dollars to develop and sustain it.

If our work resonates with you and has created business opportunities, fostered meaningful connections, and helped you move, breathe, sleep, eat, shop, and live in a healthier way, please consider “paying your own value”.

How can I PYOV?

Click here and choose any amount to contribute… what feels good to you. Your support really matters and we are grateful that you are willing to trust us to help you, and so many others. Contributing = Kinship.

Better together!