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My eighth self-published title, SAY YES, Practical Self-Care, Doable Stress Relief, and Optimistic Thoughts To Boost Your Wellness Intelligence, an intelligent and inspiring guide that will introduce you to a collection of functional practices and insightful perspectives to rely on in your everyday life.

Please consider buying copies of SAY YES for yourself, for your colleagues, friends and family, and anyone who would benefit from Saying Yes to feeling good, taking better care of themselves, and boosting their Wellness Intelligence.

Why did I write this?

I have spent decades helping others to do their best in business and in life. But, ironically, it took me a lot longer to learn to truly care for myself … in fact, it’s still a work in progress and I see now how it always will be (this is exciting, not exhausting!).

Unusually practical and easily absorbed, SAY YES will help you press the pause button on the pace of modern-day life. This friendly book, full of colourful Wellness Intelligence, will create the conditions for you to live, move, breathe, sleep, eat, shop, and love better … on your own terms.

It’s never too late to change anything … or everything. If you are reading this, and you are out of shape, burned out, unhappy with your profession, dissatisfied with your personal life, concerned about your performance, or even bored, today is the day to SAY YES. Start with one small thing … keep adding the little bits of “good” in and soon the good you’ve said yes to will displace the stuff you deem as crappy. The fear of change pales in comparison to the fear you might feel of staying where you are.

Where can you buy copies?

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Do you recognize the need to (and potential beauty of) slowing down but find it super challenging to actually do so? Over the years, I’ve learned (from my own struggles and breakthroughs) that having a “toolbox” full of simple daily rituals (that I understand) helps me to press my own pause button and fuels me with the kind of energy that I want to carry through my day … every day! SAY YES is a collection of some of my favourite practices and trusted perspectives that I want to share with you and then for you to share with others.