The Borden Workbook

I created, designed, and published The Borden Workbook in 2017 to support you as you launch, grow, and nurture your business alongside sessions with me, or as a stand-alone guide. The Borden Workbook is part business book, part self-help book that provides you with the tactical and practical advice, efficiencies, formulas and perspective you need. Or at least, what I think you need based on my client’s requests since I’ve been supporting Better Business and Wellness Intelligence since 1994.

Why did I write this?

Well, to start, I really like what I do! 🙂

As entrepreneurs, we often know what we want to do, but we come to realize that we need extreme organization or increased knowledge or infrastructure as we develop and grow our business. Sometimes we can feel stuck, or we feel that we need a boost at the “beginning” or “part way” into our venture. We are most aware of the help we need in our business activities, but it’s of utmost importance that we tend to our energized, passionate, determined minds as well. The relentless (maybe obsessive, in a positive way?) drive that makes us good entrepreneurs comes with deep challenges … both in business and in our lives.

Determined to bring the model from Borden Communications’ one-on-one consulting and coaching to as many as possible, I aim to have you put down what you know, prod you to consider things you might not yet, make you more connected to your work to endure the highs and lows, focus on goals with assistance on the journey to reach them, and connect your personal experience, and your physical and emotional well-being to your work. The Borden Workbook contains tactical and practical inspiration and will have you organized and give you clarity, focus and lead you to success.

Where can you buy copies? 

Order individual hardcopies from Amazon here.

If you are in Toronto, and want to buy directly from me, message here.

For corporate orders, 25+ copies, message here.

Before you invest and buy a copy of The Borden Workbook, reach out to us directly to make sure it’s right for you … we will always point you in a direction that we feel will benefit you! We might start by sending you a few activities from the Workbook!