What’s That?
A Good Food Colouring Book

“What’s that?” is a Good Food Colouring Book that I wrote, designed and developed with a lot of heart and intention. The book is for colouring and doodling and learning and sharing! Food literacy, nervous system reset, and a little knowledge to put to good use.

Did you know that an orange tree can live for over 100 years?
Did you know that lettuce isn’t always green?
Did you know that asparagus has over 300 different species?
Did you know that eggplants are not really vegetables?
Did you know that garlic is related to onions?
Did you know that a coconut is not a nut?
Did you know that there are over 1,000 varieties of apples?
Answers and fun facts are on every page!

Why did I write this?

My passion for Kind Food is on every page … but importantly, it’s dedicated to Rob, Ryan, Joey, and Andy … the people that I have had the good fortune of sharing more family meals and food adventures with over the years than anyone. Also it’s in support of everyone wanting and working towards a better food system for all … everyone who has taught me about food (a LOT of people every day!) … at the markets, at my desk, at trade shows, in the kitchen, at the table, in books, in conversation … this book and all else I share is because of them.

This Good Food Colouring Book will not only answer questions, but will inspire you to be more curious about what you are eating! It’s not just about improving food literacy, it’s about having fun with your food …  whether you are sharing it with kids and doodling and colouring for your nervous system!

The more connected we are, the more we care, the more we care, the better we do for ourselves and for others. The better we do, the better we all are.

Where can you buy copies?

Individual copies available globally on Amazon.

If you are in Toronto, and want to buy directly from me, message here.

For corporate orders, 25+ copies, message here.

Buy one for yourself, donate one to your library or a classroom teacher, gift copies … read and colour it with the kids in your life!