Unisex Organic T-Shirt

An eco-happy t-shirt that I designed to make others smile just by wearing it! I am proud to be Wired Differently, how about you?

Why do I like it?

It automatically turns you into an active citizen! Like the design for this t-shirt “screams”, we are NOT one size fits all… we are supposed to be different! I am proud to wear it, PLUS by wearing it, it givesothers permission to be themselves! My signature “Wired Differently” T-Shirt is responsibly made with 100% organic cotton. What you wear really matters … everything matters.

This t-shirt and everything I design and sell in my shop (and recommend) embraces Empathy Economics.

What do I suggest you try?

Buy one for yourself and/or gift one to someone you care about! Enjoy the comfort and wear it proudly.

The sizes correspond to a smaller size in the US market, so US customers should order a size up.