Yin Rake

The yin rake is a tool used along the scalp to help rebalance the brain and release stress and tension.

Why do I like it?

Get ready for the ultimate in relaxation. Like all other reflexology maps, the entire body is represented on the scalp, and can be used to affect general wellbeing as well as to treat for certain conditions. It also feels fabulous!

In addition to the sensory pleasure a head massage offers, Scalp Raking can:
+ ease symptoms of a headache
+ reduce stress
+ release tension
+ promote healthy, sound sleep
+ boost hair growth
+ stimulate blood flow to the skin
+ aid in lymphatic flow
+ tone your vagus nerve
+ reduce pain
+ increase circulation
+ help remedy insomnia
+ boost production of seratonin/happy hormones

And the best part? You can do this anywhere, anytime … no appointment needed!

What do I suggest you try?

My Scalp Raking Protocol is in the Self Care Studio here! This small practice might just change your life.

If you have taken/learned my face workout, Uplifting, you’ll know how great this tool is with this practice!