Yin-Yang Roller

This best-selling intelligent self-care tool is a non-invasive roller that offers the foundation of yang and yin for wellness and beauty introduced to me by the wonderful Therapeutic Alchemist and TWIC member, Erica Layton Weiland when I took a course with her.

Why do I like it?

Have you ever used a roller on your face? This tool is THE BEST … besides embodying Empathy Economics, it is easy-to-use and effective … results and transformation that you can feel and see … and it won’t damage even the most sensitive skin. There are two sides to this tool, created using sustainable materials in a safe and fair work environment, based on the principals and theories of facial reflexology. The “yang” ball (golden pointy ball) stimulates reflex zones while bringing micro-circulation, nutrients, and stimulation to the skin and the “yin” ball (black with silver prongs) offers calm and natural cooling by naturally dispersing and hydrating.

What do I suggest you try?

Gently roll the tool across the skin.  This can include the hands, neck, feet.

I include a full protocol with each Multi-Facial Rolling Tool … and, if you have taken “Uplifting” with me, it’s an amazing bonus to add this in!